ArtCare Gallery in Second Life

ArtCare Gallery: Care

Yany O’Real (Yany Oh) recently invited me to visit ArtCare Gallery, where a selection of his work is currently being exhibited. Curated by Care (carelyna), the gallery offers a large display space for her own art, whilst also featuring – at the time of my visit – the art of Yany, together with Leonorah Beverly, Lam Erin, Sandi Benelli, Marga J, Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla) and Maxie Daviau, with 3D art and particle displays by Pol Jarvinen and Kurk Mumfuzz.

I admit to having missed Care’s art up until now, and the gallery offers an excellent opportunity to gain familiarity with it. Focusing primarily on landscape studies from within Second Life, which she presents post-processed to resemble paintings.

ArtCare Gallery: Care

One group of her images are vividly rich in colour, strongly evocative of the likes of Van Gogh in their style and offering truly unique views of Second Life. The more lightly processed images are likewise attractive whilst more fully illustrating Care’s eye for presenting views of Second Life as we are familiar with them. Also included in her selection of art is a set of images captured at one of Kurk’s particle shows, which offers a further contrast in style and approach.

Facing Care’s work are gallery bays featuring the work of Max, Leonorah, Lam, Shakespeare, Marga J and Sandi. All are enticing Second Life landscape artists – and in the interests of disclosure, I have an abiding admiration for the work of Max and Shakespeare. Taken together these artists offer a natural flow of images hat allow us to travel through Second Life to many places and regions.

ArtCare Gallery: Shakespeare and Max

Situated in a hall of its only, Yany’s work covers both landscapes and avatar studies, and in a rich mix of styles. I found two of the images particularly captivating:  We Are Many, presenting a single image of avatars attending a presentation, which has been repeated several times over to become a collage, with the groups of images mirrored to offer something of a unique perspective on how we might perceive our avatars.

The second is Starman, a rich – and lighthearted? – take on the launch of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roaster into space as part of the first launch of the Falcon Heavy in February 2018.

ArtCare Gallery: Yany

Located against one of the walls of the gallery are two pairs of doors marked “reception” – one of which leads up to to a 3D display of Pol Jarvinen’s 3D work, and the other down to ground level and a small display of Kurk’s particle art.

With a rich mix of themed 2D art, together with the 3D and particle work above and below, ArtCare Gallery makes for an interesting visit.

ArtCare Gallery: Lam and Leonorah

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