From the sketchbook of Kayly Iali in Second Life

Visions of Beauty Gallery 2: Kayly Iali

Open now on the upper floor of the Visions of Beauty Gallery 2 is an exhibition of physical world art by Kayly Iali, featuring pieces from her sketchbook as well as paintings. Untitled, so far as I could tell, the exhibition includes 11 pen-and-ink architectural sketches, together with a selection of what appear to be pen-and-watercolour paintings, to offer a total of 28 images (including what might be regarded as the “title” image to be appreciated.

I’ve long admired the skill of those who can draw or paint – I lack any such abilities in either sphere – and I also have a love of architecture, so this exhibition really appeals to me. The pen-and-ink drawing, showing specific elements of buildings, coupled with the angle from which they have been captured, are marvellous exercises in art and perspective. They present not just the form of their building subject, but also its very nature; there is a wonderful beauty in the aspects Kayly has chosen to capture, the lines, materials, angles, that each of the buildings see offer here seems to be very much alive.

Visions of Beauty Gallery 2: Kayly Iali

The breath of life is very much in evidence in the paintings facing the sketches from across the gallery space. These comprise a range of subjects, from people through to architecture by way of nature. Most of these – perhaps because of their use of colour – offer not some much standalone images, as might be said of the pen-and-ink sketches, but vignettes; scenes of broader stories caught within their  frames. Just what are Heather and Lucy sketching? What is the raptor trainer telling us about the bird perched on his glove? Where will the story of the woman nursing her child take us?

Capped by a set of four painted architectural pieces that form a natural link between paintings and sketches (which particularly work if visitors follow the tendency to turn to the right at the top of the stairs to the display space), this is a genuinely delightful exhibit. My congratulations, also, to Kayly on her selection to be part of the 2018 (?) Crocker/Kingsley Art Competition – one of 75 artists to be selected out of 1,200 applicants!

Visions of Beauty Gallery 2: Kayly Iali

When visiting Kayly’s work, do take time as well to enjoy the exhibition of digital geometric art by Giselle Seeker on the ground floor of the gallery building, and more of Sisi Biedermann’s wildlife and fantasy art, some of which I wrote about recently, and which lies on the mid-level of the gallery building.

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