The Galleries: celebrating art in Second Life

The Galleries: Ini Inaka

The Galleries, curated by Ernie Farstrider is a complex of four interconnected gallery buildings, each of two floors, located on a floating sky island. It is a place where those wishing to explore a broader (and no pun intended) canvas of art available for display and purchase is Second Life can wander among the works of 32 Second Life artists, who work encompasses pieces created within the platform and pieces they have produced in the physical word for upload to SL, with both 2D and 3D art represented among them.

Each of the four buildings is in turn divided into 8  exhibition spaces, four on each level. Eternal ramps and paths link the two levels across all four buildings, offering visitors a variety of paths through the halls and exhibitions. This means one can enjoy moving from the wide range of styles on display quite freely, with each hall and display visited often standing in strong contrast to the last, keeping one’s attention honed.

The Galleries: Kitty Mills

At the time of my visit, The Galleries was hosting work by the likes of Xirana Oximoxi, Freyja Merryman, Kitty Mills, Anna Anton Raymaker,Graham Collinson (always a delight to see his work), Kicca Igaly, Kayly Iali (with more of her physical world paintings that delight the eye), Theda Tammas, Janine Portal (of whom more anon), Louly Loon, Collin Key, Ini Inaka, Moewe Winkler, and more. To anyone familiar with SL Art, these names alone should help signify the rich mix of art and styles on display.

As noted above, there are a number of artists  exhibiting at the Gallery whose work I always enjoy seeing. However, a new name to me on my visit was that of Janine Portal. I’m not entirely sure how I’ve missed her work up until now, but I can say – and with due respect to all of the other artists exhibiting at The Galleries – it kept drawing me back to it.

The Galleres: Janine Portal

Romanced presents seven images which, in the worlds of the artist:

Speak to the issues of having relationships, specifically digitally aided or enhanced relationships, in this technological era.

While our romantic feelings and basic notions are no different from our ancestors’ were, and our emotional and irrational natures are still as mysterious as alchemical processes, we soldier on, finding intimacy in ever more distant and technologically enhanced ways.

Each of her pieces plays on a classic image and adds a “digital signature”, so to speak, to it. This may take the form of a scrolling element, such as numbers or text; or it might be the addition of formulae or precise lines and curves, or perhaps the embedding of circuit board elements and similar. In doing so each offers a unique perspective on the art, encouraging a closer, more considered look.  It is, in a word, entrancing.

The Galleries: Freyja Merryman

From avatar studies to abstract, fractals to landscape, real life to Second Life, The Galleries makes for an engaging and enjoyable visit.

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