There be pirates at Seanchai Library in Second Life!

The Pirate Docks await the pleasure of your company for Pirate Sunday!

It’s time to kick-off another week of storytelling in Voice by the staff and volunteers at the Seanchai Library. As always, all times SLT, and events are held at the Library’s home at Holly Kai Park, unless otherwise indicated.

It is International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Tuesday, September 19th, ARRRR! And Seanchai Library is marking the event with a week of salty tales and more!

Sunday, September 17th: Pirate Sunday!


Take the teleport up to Seanchai Library’s pirate cove, where Kayden Oconnell, Aoife Lorefield, and Caledonia Skytower will regale you with tales of the skull and crossbones, cutlasses, treasure and more from the wild days of yore on the high seas!

14:30-16:30: MUSIC AND DANCE

Those enjoying the tales are invited to teleport down to The Pavilion at Holly Kai Park, which has been specially transformed into the Pirate Docks, where the music will flow for two hours and everyone (and their friends! Invite the all!) can dance the time away, quaff the grog, walk the decks (or plank!), shiver their timbers – and even fire off a cannon or two!

And if have a boat, why not sail over and enjoy the fun!

Pirate Sunday benefits Feed a Smile, supporting a school in Kenya founded and run by Brique Topaz 16 years ago through her German-based Live and Learn in Kenya charity. 100 Lindens equals approximately 30 cents in real world currency, which pays for one child’s meal. One third of all money raised for each month’s food budget is collected through donations made in Second Life – so, that’s another reason to come along!

** Pirate fancy dress to both these events strongly encouraged! **

Monday, September 18th 19:00: A Wizard of Earthsea

Gyro Muggins reads Ursula K. Le Guin’s first Earthsea Cycle. 

The boy is born on the island of Gont in the archipelago of Earthsea. This is a world infused with magic. Not everyone can control this magic, but those who know the right words and have a wizard soul can learn to utilize the power of the Earth to manipulate objects and events. The boy’s name is Duny; I can tell you that name because the name has no power over him. His true name is something he can only reveal to those he trusts absolutely beyond question.

I know his true name, but fair reader, I’m not sure yet that I can share it with you.

His aunt knows a few things, a handful of words, that can be used to bind things or call animals to her. Duny is particularly adept at calling falcons and other birds of prey. His agile mind soon surpasses what his aunt can teach him. He burns to know more. He is assigned to a mage, Ogion, who tries to teach him about the balance of magic with the Earth. There is always a cost for using magic. Understanding the levy for sorcery is the difference between being just impulsively talented and being wise about what you know.

(Commentary by Jeffrey Keeten.)

Tuesday, September 19th: International Talk Like a Pirate Day:

19:00: “George Was A Pirate…”

Selected adventures from R. Crap Mariner’s “George Canon” of 100-word stories (aka “drabbles”). With Corwyn Allen, Faerie Maven-Pralou, Kayden Oconnell, and Caledonia Skytower.

21:00: Meteor Mags – Hang My Body on the Pier

An original tale for a special “Late Night” on this special day, presented by the author, Matthew Howard.

** Pirate fancy dress to both these events strongly encouraged! **

Wednesday, September 20th, 19:00: Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon

Corwyn Allen reads Spider Robinson’s 1999 anthology.

callahansThe titular saloon is a haven for lost souls; a place where the patrons come for one drink and a chance for a second – but only if they offer an unburdening toast at the fireplace. Mike Callahan, the owner, never judges but sometimes advises in as few words as possible.

The stories in the volume are:

  • “The Guy with the Eyes”
  • “The Time-Traveler”
  • “The Centipede’s Dilemma”
  • “Two Heads Are Better Than One”
  • “The Law of Conservation of Pain”
  • “Just Dessert”
  • “A Voice is Heard in Ramah…”
  • “Unnatural Causes”
  • “The Wonderful Conspiracy”

Also presented in Kitely (hop://

Thursday, September 21st:

19:00:  PIRATES! – Tom Chist and the Treasure Box

With Shandon Loring (also presented in Kitely  hop://

21:00 Seanchai Late Night

Contemporary Sci-Fi-Fantasy with Finn Zeddmore.


Please check with the Seanchai Library’s blog for updates and for additions or changes to the week’s schedule.

The featured charity for August and September is Little Kids Rock, transforming lives by restoring, expanding, and innovating music education in schools.

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