Haveit’s Elastic Garage in Second Life

UTSA: Elastic Garage

Sometimes magic is elusive. In the dark, in a large crowded storage space with one hanging light bulb: the realm of shadows and highlights, everything is sculpted of wonder. A broken down car dreams of the morning sky. An old-fashioned white porcelain bathtub with rusted scars, broken furniture, a collection of rocks in little cloth bags hanging from a beam, yellowing slides and photos from the old days stowed in a corroded file cabinet … the air tempered with repeated phrases of Prokofiev that my mother is practising on the piano in the distant living room … This was the garage of my childhood, where my visits were frequent in search of all manner of treasures to furnish the little cities I was building in the garden.

Thus Haveit Neox introduces Elastic Garage, his installation now open at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s ArtSpace. And indeed, on entering the exhibition area, visitors are confronted with the bric-a-brac which might have been gathered over time, and cherished, before being put away in the garage of the mind.

UTSA: Elastic Garage

Filing boxes lay stacked against the walls, a child’s old railway track lies on the floor, cabinets and boxes scattered around, the bath toppled on its side and the broken-down car parked to one side. Memories from childhood scattered around, spiders and their cobwebs covering some. but so is there more: memories of art builds, fragmented and scattered among the bric-a-brac.

Sitting atop some of the filing boxes, for example, is a telescope. While this may well be a childhood  memory, it might also be a reflection of Haveit’s Paper Observatory, first unveiled in 2014, and the successor to his Paper Tower. On the floor by the bodywork of the old car sits a tiny city, streams of cars rolling away from it over elevated roads; a reflection, perhaps of Haveit’s Miniature Goal and his wider concern for the environment. Inside the cabinets and upright boxes, partially hidden and awaiting discovery – just like memories in a draw or cupboard of a garage – are paintings and images, again perhaps echoing past installations Haveit has presented in-world.

UTSA: Elastic Garage

Elastic Garage is a both an expression of art and of memory; personal elements from life mixed with personal expressions of life. It makes for a fascinating visit, and will remain open through September and into October.

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Hope After Harvey in Second Life

Via Hope After Harvey / Models Giving Back

There can only be a very few of us who have not seen or heard about the devastation so recently visited upon Texas by hurricane Harvey. Many of us, on seeing all that has happened, have wanted to give / show support for the victims of Harvey, who have been displaced, lost homes and belongings and face a major struggle to rebuild their lives.

Some within Second Life may even have been affected by the flooding and storm damage, and this, together with the desire to show support for Harvey’s victims, has been the motivation behind Models Giving Back organising a two-week fund-raiser, Hope After Harvey, as they explain on the fund-raiser’s website:

Recently, Models Giving Back received a note card from one such individual, affected by the displacement of the recent evacuations throughout Texas and other surrounding areas..

So many people who are our friends, co-workers, and families here in Second Life are affected by the devastation that was left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. And, as we know from previous water related emergencies, it will take a long time to recover fully.

Therefore, we as Models Giving Back have decided to run a two-week fund-raising event to help. For some in Second Life this might be the only way they can help make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering right now.

Hope After Harvey fund-raiser, September 6th – 20th, 2017

Running through until 23:59 SLT on Wednesday, September 20th, Hope After Harvey brings together some 42 Second Life designers offering fashion items, accessories, jewellery, and home and garden items, with all proceeds raised being split between two charities:

In selecting these two charities, Models giving back note:

Both of those sources are well established, on the ground in the area there helping and documenting it, and have on-line portals for us to be able to place the funds keeping everything transparent as we always do.

So, if you would like to offer support and help for victims – human and animal –  of hurricane Harvey, please do take the opportunity to visit Hope After Harvey between now and September 20th. Or, if you prefer to donate to either charity directly, you can do so via the websites linked to above.

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