Art as ethereal beauty in Second Life

Commune Utopia: Cybele Moon

I often discuss the idea of narrative in images when review art in these pages. Not every picture has to tell a tale beyond itself, but for me, depth is added when it does; when the image before you becomes a glimpse caught in time of a far broader canvas, inviting the imagination into it and consider all that might lie beyond the window we see.

When it comes to the art of Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo), we are given not so much a window into a narrative, but a doorway into entire realms. Her work is, in a word ethereal; there is a beauty and depth to it which is magnificently and hauntingly moving – and you can can witness this for yourself at the meadow art area in Commune Utopia, where she has been invited to exhibit her work. She presents 15 pieces (16 if you count her enchanting bio giver) and as always, all are truly marvellous pieces. To enjoy them to the fullest, be sure to set your time of day to midnight.

Commune Utopia: Cybele Moon

Cybele’s Second Life work is a reflection of her photography in the physical world, where she captures  landscapes – sometimes using an infra-red camera – and produces mythical scenes of extraordinary depth and life. Many of the pieces she displays in-world combine the physical and virtual worlds to create wonderfully layered pictures which – as noted – are richly narrative in nature.

Her muse for her work is a combination of history and myth – some of her work is inspired by Celtic and Icelandic mythology, for example, and other pieces are inspired by her own travels in north Africa and Central America. She describes her work as constantly evolving, and one of the attractions of the Commune Utopia exhibition is the breadth of her work on display – composites, colour and monochrome all share the space, offering the visitor a marvellous view into the various forms her worlds can take.

Commune Utopia: Cybele Moon

The will be an opening event for Cybele’s exhibition at Commune Utopia at 12:00 noon on Saturday, July 22nd in the art meadow. Also, no visit to Cybele’s work is every complete without also visiting her websites.  In Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter, she presents tales and photographs inspired by her travels. Meanwhile, Virtually Yours presents her images from, and musings on, virtual worlds.

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