Wintergeist: Pieces of a Whole in Second Life

Wintergeist: Pieces of a Whole

Fuyuko Amano (Wintergeist) is perhaps best known for hosting exhibitions at her Club LA and Gallery, where she also displays her own images, which I’ve personally felt deserving a wider in-world audience. So it was with delight that I received an invitation to see the first public exhibition of her work hosted by another gallery – and hopped over ahead of the official preview to take a look.

Wintergeist: Pieces of a Whole opens at 13:00 SLT on Sunday, July 2nd and is a fascinating tour of Fuyuko’s art – digital world and physical world. Taking place at the InterstellART Artist in Residence Gallery, it presents eighteen primary images, together with a small collage of images in the gallery entrance space.

Wintergeist: Pieces of a Whole

The exhibition mixes images captured in Second Life with those from Fuyuko’s physical world photography, with all of them interspersed with quotes from artists and writers which serve to help illustrate the nature of inspiration in the artist’s life. This makes for a fascinating display, ranging from landscapes from within Second Life through to beautiful macro-level shots of water droplets on leaves and the stamen on flowers. Between them are images that may have you guessing – were they taken in Second Life, of in the physical world? Even abstract work is represented, adding to the mix.

What is also attractive in this exhibition is the range of formats presented, with images in colour and monochrome, or presented as a photograph or post-processed to resemble art, the considered us of filters – even the ratio of individual images.

Wintergeist: Pieces of a Whole

All of this further speaks to the art and craft of a gifted photographer and artist. Thus we have, through subject and presentation, individual images that come together as pieces of a whole – not only presenting us with insight into the artistry of a photographer, but the vision and thoughts of the photographer herself.

As noted, a special preview opening for Wintergeist: Pieces of a Whole will be held at 13:00 SLT on Sunday, July 2nd. Whether or not you can make that, however, this is an exhibition well worth visiting.

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