Second Life mesh upload prerequisites revised

The Mesh Upload Tutorial is no more

When mesh content was being introduced to Second Life, linden Lab implemented a “gate” on people’s ability to upload mesh models to both Agni (the Main grid) and Aditi (the Beta grid).

In both cases, anyone wishing to upload mesh had to:

  • Provide payment information to Linden Lab
  • Complete a mesh intellectual property rights tutorial / questionnaire.

This has now been streamlined so that all someone who wishes to upload mesh needs to do is

  • Provide payment information to Linden Lab
  • Confirm they have read / agree to Linden Lab’s Terms of Service and Intellectual Property Policy, and acknowledge they may be subject to Linden Lab’s removal procedures should you fail to comply with these policies.

For those already “cleared” to upload mesh to Second Life, nothing changes – you remain approved.

However, if you are new to uploading mesh models to SL, you now have a far more streamlined process to complete in order to do so, as noted below.

Go to your dashboard at, and select Mesh Upload Status from the left-hand Account menu. This will display a summary page of your current status. If you have previously provided payment information to linden Lab and previously completed the Mesh Upload Tutorial, your information will be shown in green (below).

If you are registered for uploading mesh, both parts of the Mesh Upload status page will be shown in green

If you have not provided payment information to Linden Lab (only required for uploads to the Main grid) and / or you have not confirmed you have read the Terms of Service (ToS) / the Intellectual Property Policy, one or both of the status boxes on the page will be red.

Further, note that you cannot confirm acceptance of the ToS  / the Intellectual Property Policy until you have provided payment information, as shown in the image below (note the second red box).

The Mesh Upload status page for someone who has not provided payment information to Linden Lab. Note they cannot accept the Terms of Service / Intellectual Property Policy until they have.

If payment information needs to be filed, clicking the My Payment Info will display your account’s Billing Information Page, where you can add a payment method. When you have done so, you can return to the Mesh Upload Page, which will show the payment information section in green, indicating your payment method is on file.

You can now proceed with accepting the terms and policy, by clicking on the Accept The IP Terms link.

The Mesh Upload status page for someone who has provided payment information, but who has not confirmed they have read the ToS / Intellectual Property Policy

Doing so will display the Accept IP Terms page, which has a large I Accept button, and links to the ToS and the Intellectual Property Policy. note that both of these will open in the same browser tab as used by the Accept IP Terms page, so use your browser’s Back button to return to it when you are ready to accept.

When you are ready to do so, click the I Accept button to confirm your agreement to adhere to the ToS / Intellectual Property Policy. The Mesh Upload status page will update to show the required fields are green, and you are cleared to start uploading mesh models via the viewer.

Again, if you were already able to upload mesh to Second Life, nothing has changed. You do not need to re-affirm your ability to do so. The reason for this change, so far as I can tell, is because the tutorial  / questionnaire was seen as a little cumbersome and top-heavy.

With thanks to Whirly Fizzle for the nudge for me to take a look.

7 thoughts on “Second Life mesh upload prerequisites revised

  1. “Have you read the T&Cs” is the usual question on the internet. Few people do, and while Linden Lab have one of the bigger, more complicated, agreements, and some of the past changes have looked like blatant IP rights grabs, they’re far from the worst.

    But some sites selling mesh models explicitly exclude use in SL.

    That’s what it comes down to for any Mesh content. They claim the right to use anything you upload (which pretty well has to be done for the internet to work) but it’s not limited to making SL work. Our content could end up in Project Sansar, or in a photo-story for Vole-stranglers Weekly.


  2. Just to note that to get set up for mesh upload on Aditi (the beta grid) if you are not already, you will need to go directly to and click the Accept button.
    You do not need to add payment information on file on Aditi to upload mesh.
    The cashier is not functional on Aditi so you can’t add payment info anyway.
    I filed a bug report about the problem with mesh upload status on Aditi:

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  3. While this is perhaps more “streamlined” I do not feel it was a great move. We know (many many statistics on this) that many folks NEVER read the info they are agreeing to and just “click through”. We also know that even though previously everyone had to take the upload test, it didn’t do that much good as they ignored it after taking. BUUUUUTTTTT they at LEAST had to read through in order to pass ^^.

    The Lab has covered its afterparts which was all that was needed but IP infringement is still rampant and I doubt this new plan will improve on that :D.

    Oh well.

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    1. No, this won’t reduce IP infringement. But then, as you say, “even though previously everyone had to take the upload test, it didn’t do that much good as they ignored it after taking” – so really, the old questionnaire was equally about ensuring “the Lab has covered its afterparts” as well.

      That said, I agree, click-through isn’t the most ideal answer. Unfortunately, it is the option that has been adopted by the Internet at large – remember the days hen everything was done on paper? How many people would blithely sign a form and tick an “I agree” box without actually turning the form over and reading the small print on the back? Thus, however, you look at it, and however complex the document, the onus has always been on *us* to do the reading.


  4. As a noob who hasn’t uploaded mesh yet, but getting ready to… I appreciate this information Inara. Thank you for all you do…


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