SL14B reminder: applications close May 8th, 2017


As I’ve previously reported, participation applications are currently open for the SL14B Community Celebration to mark the 13th anniversary of Second Life entering it public beta. Celebrations this year will run from Sunday, June 19th through to Sunday, June 26th inclusive. But they won’t be for very much longer.

If you are planning to apply, but have not yet done so, please note that exhibitor and volunteer applications close on Wednesday, May 10th 2017; performer and auditorium applications close on Sunday, May 17th.

The theme for this year is Carnavalesque, with the organising team noting:

While much of the interest around virtual reality has shifted to singular experiences, largely fuelled by the pursuit of headset-focused content, we want to remind you of the joy of hundreds of people from all over coming together in one place in celebration, and form a carnivale-like atmosphere that you simply cannot achieve alone. Let’s challenge all the perceptions, break all the moulds, and show everyone that we know how to celebrate.

The lights are green if you still want to apply to be a part of SL14B. But they’ll be turning red on Monday, May 8th, when applications close. So if you are thinking of applying – don’t get caught by the deadline!

So, all exhibitors, performers, presenters and volunteers wishing to be a part of this year’s celebrations, don’t get caught by the red stop light of the applications deadline, follow the links below and get signed-up!

If you have already applied to be a part of SL14B, please give the organising team a little breathing space once applications close. Everyone is aware that people are really anxious to hear if their application has been accepted, but understand, it will take a little time – generally a week or so – to run through everything and send out all the acceptance notices.

I’m delighted to say I’ll be playing a small role in the run-up to the festivities, having been offered the opportunity this year to take the official “sneak peek” photographs which will be appearing on the SL14B website over the coming weeks. This has already given me the chance to have a look around some of the infrastructure builds which are coming together, and I can honestly say that there is some really creative thought going into things and the builds are already stunning to see. I’ll looking forward to offering little tasters through the official blog as the dates draw nearer.

And speaking of dates here’s another little reminder of how things should go:

  • Wednesday, May 24th – Friday May 26th: exhibitors informed via e-mail
  • Friday, May 26th: regions open to exhibitors for building (from 12:00 noon SLT)
  • Saturday, June 10th: all performers notified
  • Thursday, June 15th to Friday, June 16th: regions closed to exhibitors for walk-through
  • Friday, June 16th and Saturday, June 17th: regions open to exhibitors for adjustments
  • Saturday, June 17th: Press Day
  • Sunday, June 18th, noon SLT: Opening Day
  • Friday June 23rd: The Birthday
  • Friday, June 23rd – Sunday, June 25th: SL14B Music Fest with Linden Lab
  • Sunday, June 25th: last day of celebration performances and activities
  • Monday, June 26th to Sunday, July 2nd: regions open for viewing, no performances
  • Monday, July 3rd to Wednesday, July 5th: Breakdown
  • Thursday, July 6th: Sims go off-line.

Have any thoughts?

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