Art at the Park: six talents in Second Life

Holly Kai Park: Art at the Park
Holly Kai Park: Art at the Park

As I recently reported, Art at the Park, located at Holly Kai Park, re-opened on Thursday, December 17th, 2015 with an exhibition featuring six very talented individuals, some of whom you may be familiar with through their art, and some may be somewhat new to you, given they haven’t widely exhibited their work in-world. They are:  Boudicca Amat, Kess Crystal, Jaydn Firehawk, Johannes1977 Resident, Nico Time and CioTToLiNa Xue.

The re-launch of Art at the Park has been a personal project for me, as regular readers will know, having been asked to take over curating the park’s art events by estate owner Nber Medici. As such, when it comes to previewing this exhibition. Given this, rather than writing a review of the exhibit itself, I thought I’d offer some thoughts on why I wanted these particular six people to be a part of this inaugural exhibition for the re-launch.

Boudicca Amat
Boudicca Amat

Since its original inception in 2008, Art in the Garden / Art at the Park (to give the programme its original and continuing titles) has tended to offer a mix of art from photographers and artists in SL on a rotating basis, with special events added to the mix. In taking over the role of curator, this was very much something I wanted to continue, and it will hopefully be the hallmark of exhibitions and shows at Holly Kai Park going forward.

As a part of reworking the Park, Nber and I also agreed that we wanted to try to focus as much on artists and photographers who may not be “regulars” on the SL exhibition circuit as much as those who might be regarded as “established” exhibiting artists. This decision also played a role in the selection of these six people for the re-opening exhibition.

Kess Crystal
Kess Crystal

This latter point is why I’m especially thrilled that Boudicca Amat and Kess Crystal accepted invitations to display their work at Holly Kai. Both are extraordinary talents in art and photography, but neither has particularly sought to offer their work for in-world exhibition – and i personally feel that SL’s art and photography scene is the poorer for it as a result. I’m sure anyone who has seen either Boudicca’s Flickr stream or Kess’ Flickr stream will agree.

Both ladies present very different styles, and somewhat different approaches to their work, but the end results are unmistakable in the deep of narrative and emotive power evident in their finished pieces. I’ve always found the studies they each produce to be deeply compelling because of this, as well as deeply admiring their individual techniques and skills in developing their images. I also really hope we’ll get to see more of their work in galleries across Second Life.

Johannes1977 Resident
Johannes1977 Resident

Johannes1977 “John” Resident is well-known in the art community as an artist, photographer and entrepreneur. His work has been widely displayed in Second Life and can be found on his Flickr stream and at his in-world gallery.

I first encountered John’s work at Angel Manor, where he was exhibiting a series of images he took while on deployment with the US Marines (in which he is a serving officer). Since then, I’ve never ceased to be drawn to his work, wherever it is displayed. His range of styles and approaches is such that any series of pieces his produces tends to be completely fresh and original in and of itself – as demonstrated in his display at Holly Kai Park, which features six images of his mother’s beloved Germany, which are dedicated to her memory.

Jadyn Firehawk
Jadyn Firehawk

Jaydn Firehawk and Nico Time are two Second Life photographers I’ve admired for a good while, and as such, very much wanted to feature them at Holly Kai Park.

Jadyn’s work covers both the physical world and Second Life, and as she notes in her biography, is often informed by her disability, which she notes has bestowed a mantle of intensity in the way she sees the world. At Holly Kai, she presents two sets of studies to visitors:one in colour, the other in moncohrome. Both demonstrate that photography from the physical world can and does translate into the virtual as a means of artistic study. Be sure to visit her in-world gallery.

I’ve admired Nico’s work for a good while now, and am equally pleased he accepted an invitation to display at Holly Kai. His images, taken from all around Second Life reveal the richness and diversity of region designs and places with elegant, clean images rich in colour and content. In particular, I like his eye for angle and perspective; his images offering a unique view of scenes and locations we might otherwise miss during a visit.

Nico Time
Nico Time

Each of the above artist’s works can be found on pairs of wooden decks along the plateau on the east side of the park. Between them, and leading the way up from the park’s east side moorings, are sculptures and art by CioTToLiNa Xue, another Second Life artist perhaps not so well-known on the gallery circuit.

DecJan-12_focusedI first came across CioTToLiNa’s work whilst visiting an exhibition featuring  Mistro Hifeng’s work. I was immediately struck by her emerging talent and ability to present emotive studies through her work.

CioTToLiNa is entirely self-taught when it comes to her art; she’s been learning 3D and 2D techniques over the last several months between intensive university work, where she is  studying veterinary medicine.

Extremely shy, CioTToLiNa believes she still has a lot to learn and is hoping to further refine her skills. This may be true – creativity as always an evolving process after all; but I think it fair to say, and very apparent to the eye, that her abilities are already self-evident, and I’m very pleased she also accepted an invitation to be the first 3D artist to exhibit her work at Holly Kai Park with this re-opening.

Formal Opening Event

As noted towards the top of this article, the exhibition is now open to visitors, and I’ll hope those of you with an interest in art will take the opportunity to drop by – those familiar with Blake Sea and the Hollywood Estate are welcome to sail to the park, which has moorings on the east (art exhibition) and west (beach) sides, with 60 minute auto-return and re-rezzing from the slips.

Erin68 Frog

There will also be a special formal opening event for Art at the Park, which will take place on Sunday, December 20th, 2015 from 12:00 noon SLT, to which an open invitation is extended to everyone.

The opening will take place at The Pavilion, the park’s main events venue, and will feature the voice and music of Erin68 Frog, who will be singing during the first hour, after which music will be streamed through until around 14:00 SLT, with formal attire requested.

So, please do join us this coming Sunday for great music and the opportunity to see some wonderful art.

You can also keep up-to-date with events and news from Holly Kai Park via the park website.

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Holly Kai Park is rated Moderate.

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  1. I really hope i can make the opening …I did manage to go by and wander a bit .. i want more time! What i saw looked beautiful and the art displayed wonderful love the meandering paths with scattered sculpture through. Great choices of Artists to display and really lovely way to show the art .


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