Winter Wonderland returns to Second Life

Winter Wonderland returns
Winter Wonderland returns

Linden Lab has announced the return of the popular Winter Wonderland to Second Life, ready for the holiday season – and it brings with it some new wrinkles and twists.

First opened at the start of 2015, Winter Wonderland covered four regions, offering snow-filled fun in the form of a snowball fight arena, ice skating, a snowboard / snowmobile race track, a winter village and a Ferris wheel.  All these are back – but now collectively cover five regions.

Winter Wonderland village
Winter Wonderland village

Announcing the return of winter Wonderland alongside the latest Premium discount offer, the Lab had this to say:

Winter Wonderland is filled with lights, delights, and snowball fights! You’ll want to stop by one of the portal parks, follow the trail to the Winter Wonderland teleport, and prepare to be transported to a magical place.

Your journey begins in the Village of Lights – a whimsical icy village at the foot of all the other fun to be had in Winter Wonderland. In the heart of this sparkling village are giant gift boxes with some fun gifts for everyone! Once an hour, the village is blanketed in a spectacular fireworks show you don’t want to miss!

Winter wonderland: the expanded snowball fight arena
Winter Wonderland: the expanded snowball fight arena

The gifts can be found at large gift-wrapped boxes scattered around the place. Premium account holders are also able to pick-up a Premium badge at a  Premium Kiosk which, when worn, offers “upgrades” to the gifts and equipment on offer in Winter Wonderland.

However, it is liable to be the enlarged snowball fight arena which is liable to be the focus of attention. As the Lab notes, this has been completely revamped, and offers a far larger playing area – complete with one or two surprises for anyone engaged in playing there!

The big question is, however – will there be a residents vs Linden Lab snowball fight this year?

Winter Wonderland: the snowball fight arena includes a snowball-pelting monster...
Winter Wonderland: the snowball fight arena includes a snowball-pelting monster…

The Premium membership discount applies to the first quarter of the Quarterly Billing plan, which sees it reduced to US $11.25; the remaining quarters all billed at the full price of US $22.50 per quarter. The offer runs from now through until 08:00 SLT on Monday, January 4, 2016. As noted above, the membership gift this time around is a badge offering upgrades to the gifts and equipment offered in Winter Wonderland, and free access to voice morphing, with free packs available at the Premium Voice Morphing island.

As usual, if you are considering the move up from Basic, might I offer some thoughts (as long in the tooth as they might be) as someone who has bounced from Premium to Basic and back again?

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