Alchemy 3.8.1 Beta update

Alchemy-logoOn Thursday, July 16th Alchemy both released their latest beta and announced they are considering moving to monthly releases in order to better keep pace with the Lab’s own releases.

Such a schedule would in part depend upon what the Lab have coming downstream, even allowing for their aim of promoting a viewer every other week. So we’ll likely see how this pans out. In the meantime, there is Alchemy Beta The following a brief summary of the release; as always, please refer to the release notes as well.

This update brings Alchemy to parity with the Lab’s 3.8.1 code base, meaning it has everything found in the Lab’s release viewer up to and including the attachment fixes found in the SL viewer

Some of Alchemy's new additions: displaying the avatar name in the viewer title bar and the audio information floater
Some of Alchemy’s new additions: displaying the avatar name in the viewer title bar and the audio information floater

In terms of Alchemy additions, the 3.8.1 release brings an optional musical stream identification floater (accessed via Me > Audio Ticker), and now shows the currently logged-in avatar’s name in the viewer title bar; a useful addition if you’re running multiple instances of the viewer and wish to see which is which when they are minimised.

A further addition is the option to view profiles (your own and other people’s profiles either in the “legacy style” floater or as a web profile.  The profile view can be switched by checking / unchecking Preferences > Interface > General > Open profiles in web mode.

Which profile: legacy or web? You get to choose
Which profile: legacy or web? You get to choose

Among the under-the-hood changes and the fixes in this release can be found OpenSSL updates, while a further update visible to users is a fix to prevent the radar spamming a series of messages about avatars in a previous region “leaving” when teleporting to another region, if you have it set to report “entering” and “leaving” agents (see ALCH-223).

There is a known issue with the viewer starting on Windows. If you receive a message similar to “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)”, please download and install one of the following two files from Microsoft:

(The above links will take you to the respective download pages at Microsoft, where you can review the file details prior to downloading.)

There is also a known issue when trying to alter Music URL etc., when accessing About Land via the land information icon in the navigation bar. This will be fixed in the next release; for now the workaround is to right-click the ground and access About Land via the context menu.

A small, tidy update. Will be interesting to see if the Alchemy devs do opt to try for monthly updates.

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