Music and art at an Indie Teepee in Second Life

Indie Teepee: Eupalinos Ugajin's installation
Indie Teepee: Eupalinos Ugajin’s installation

Indie Teepee is a region-wide celebration of music and art in Second Life. It officially opened on July 10th (with a pay-to-see preview day on July 9th), and will run through until July 24th.

It is billed as an annual event, and has been inspired by physical world music and art festivals, so offers a wide-ranging programme featuring rock, indie, hip hop, electronic dance, and live performances in the music genres; while from the world of art it features installations by Bryn Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, ByrneDarklyCazalet, Belua Broadfoot and her partner Elsie Wonder, and M4SK22 Melody and Kanjena Sweetleaf, who present their own machinima programme. As well as these, the event also boasts shopping, literature and poetry, a roller derby, skateboarding and wrestling – making things quite a mix!

Indie Teepee: one of the three music stages
Indie Teepee: one of the three music stages

The best place to get information about all that is going on is via the official Indie Teepee website. This is well put together, presenting a lot of information on the event, including schedules, background information, participant biographies and notes, plus podcasts from the previous days.

Music for the event is divided among three stages, all of them simply referred to as Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3, with the main schedule providing key times for performances, as mentioned, together with individual pages for the live performers,and DJs and more from the music side of activities.

Indie Teepee: art by
Indie Teepee: art by Belua Broadfoot with music by Elsie Wonder

The region itself is well designed, offering an semi-desert like environment surrounded by high mesas. A central sandy hill offers plenty of space for the main music stage on its flat top, the remaining two located to the south and north and all three well separated to prevent any overlap of sounds.

The main landing point and information hub sits in the south-east corner of the region, close to the roller derby arena and Skateboarding teleport. Paths from this lead the way around the island – although given the size of some of the art installations, they are a little hard to miss!

Indie Teepee: the literary corner
Indie Teepee: the literary corner

Shopping is split between three areas around the region, a nice move that further encourages exploration and discovery, leading one through the art installation, past the galleries, literary corner and machinima drive-in in the process.

Do note that several of the art installations are interactive to one degree or another, and there are a number of freebie givers scattered around, so careful hovering on the mouse can be in order when wandering. Some parcels may also offer their own windlight settings as well, so be sure to accept them in order to experience them as intended (most noticeably in the art installations).

Indie Tepee: I take a break with Bryn Oh (foreground) and cica Ghost (right) on Bryn's birds - although she and cica sit on their perches a lot me elegantly than I do (at the back)!
Indie Tepee: I take a break with Bryn Oh (foreground) and Cica Ghost (right) on Bryn’s birds – although Bryn and Cica sit on their perches a lot more elegantly than I do (at the back)!

So, if you fancy mixing music and art while enjoying a little shopping, or fancy a little skateboarding or roller skating, you might want to drop into Indie Tepee between now and July 24th.

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