A little More time in Second Life

Lacy Muircastle chatting to me on the garden terrace at home
Lacy Muircastle chatting to me on the garden terrace at home

I was recently contacted by Lacy Muircastle of More magazine if I’d be willing to be interviewed about my Second Life and this blog. The request came via note card, often the easiest why to contact me in-world and was, in all honesty, something of a surprise.

For those unfamiliar with the title, More is a monthly magazine published in-world and on-line by Maxes Loon, who runs the moolto.com social network site for avatars (I actually reviewed Moolto back in 2011, alongside of 2nd Friends – although that review is likely to be very long in the tooth). More covers range of topics – fashion, blogging, writing, photography – and is available through kiosks in-world and through the Moolto website.

As noted, the request for an interview came as a surprise – I genuinely don’t consider myself to be interesting interview material; but I agreed, and in due course was able to address Lacy’s questions, which were considered and framed in such a way that I quite possibly got rather verbose in my replies – she’s a very skilled interviewer!

At the time, I hadn’t appreciated that the piece was intended to be the feature article for More’s July issue, and was again genuinely surprised when Maxes, who also works as the magazine’s photographer as well as its publisher, dropped by to discuss photos, and mentioned this into the conversation!

The July issue is now available, and I have to say that Lacy has done a marvellous job in turning my ramblings into something cohesive and (I hope!) readable. As those who know me are only too well aware, once I do get going, I’m a little hard to shut up 🙂 . I’m also very flattered that Maxes opted to use a number of images I’d taken from locations (Flux ser Mer and the now sadly gone Venexia).

As well as yours truly, this month’s issue also features photographer Isa Messioptra, Mr. Virtual World Canada, Barney Helendale, blogger Capricia, a useful resource on in-world writing groups compiled by Lacy and, well, More.

So, even if you don’t fancy reading about me, there’s plenty more of interest in the magazine to make reading the July edition worthwhile. You can also keep up-to-date with each month’s issue from the home page of the Moolto website.

My thanks to Lacy and Maxes for the invitation and their time. 

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  1. Ever so humble. As enlightened as you are about all things Secondlife… how could you NOT BE interesting?? About time you were placed in front of the pen and camera. Congrats!


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