Sneaking a peek at birthday preparations in Second Life

SL12BCC: What dreams may come....?
SL12BCC: What dreams may come….?

Preparations for the 12th Second Life Birthday Community Celebration are continuing. With just over a week left until the regions close for walk-through and stress testing, exhibitors and stage creators are hard at work building wonders to woo and wow visitors when the gates are thrown wide to the public on Sunday, June 21st.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to slip into the regions and see what is going on; and I have to say that there is a lot of fantastic effort going into things, with people really focusing on the idea of dreams and what may come, and where they might lead.

SL12BCC: the stages take shape...
SL12BCC: the stages take shape…

The main reason for my early access is to put together sneak peek videos of the regions on behalf of the SL12BCC organising team.  This is an interesting exercise for me, as trying to piece together very short video and without giving too much away this early-on is taking me into new territory with my video making!

Nevertheless, it’s proving fun, so, with that said, here’s another video peek at the regions, which can also be found on the official SL12BCC website. Enjoy!


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