Firestorm’s Tool Tip Tuesday

firestorm-logoFirestorm is renowned not only for being Second Life’s most popular viewer, but also for the degree of end-user support provided by the viewer team. With multiple language support groups, in-world classes, a wiki, an in-world support regions, and so on, Firestorm offer users a broad range of support options.

On Tuesday, January 27th, Firestorm added to all of this with a new feature on their You Tube channel,  entitled “Tool Tip Tuesday”.  In launching the feature, Firestorm Project Manager Jessica lyon describes it thus:

Firestorm has so many features and functions most folks don’t even know about that we decided to do a series of short videos showcasing a hidden or lesser-known feature once a week.

The first of the new videos is just over six minutes in length and provides tips on  getting more out of the camera, and short cuts which may help make using the camera easier. The tips include:

  • Use of the SHIFT and the CTRL/CMD keys with the mouse scroll wheel (if you have one!) to assist in camera movement / placement
  • Keyboard options to help with camera placement (e.g. CTRL-0, etc.)
  • Use of the main camera floaters (default and Phototools)
  • Saving and loading a sorted camera position (which may not be quite what you think it is!).

So why not take a look at the first video in the series and keep a note of Tip Tool Tuesday? Even if you don’t use Firestorm, you may be surprised by what you find.