An engaging chamber of literature and art

The Chamber Library
The Chamber Library – click any image for full size

I have something of a passion for literature, as regular readers may have noticed. I also have a fondness for literature within SL – hence why I try to support Seanchai Library through my posts on their weekly schedules. So when I’m told about a new library venture that’s opened in SL, I’m going to hop over as soon as time allows to have a look.

The Chamber Library is the work of Storm Septimus, and while it opened on September 21st, she is still working to expand the facilities. Described as a “one-of-a-kind, bringing together art and literature in a never-before-seen way”, the Chamber Library presents visitors with the opportunity to relax with works of literature and poetry from a wide range of authors, including TS Eliot, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, Voltaire, HG Wells and The Brothers Grimm – with more titles and authors being added. In addition, writers and poets from within Second Life can offer their own work for inclusion in the Library’s section devoted to resident’s writing if they so wish. All works are available to read via note card, and the bookcases containing them are all clearly labelled.

The Chamber Library
The Chamber Library

As its name suggests, the Library comprises a series of chambers spanning multiple levels (the third should hopefully open on September 29th), each chamber provides something of an artistic theme, where people can enjoy the writings they select in a suitable ambience. Located just off the main library chamber, for example, is a ruddy landscape where the trees stand denuded, their trunks split and burning within, and a baleful light pervades the surroundings – ideal for settling down with a horror story or a tale of demonology. Across from this is the poetry chamber, where waves break upon the shore, great horses rising from them as they crash over rocks, and a stormy seascape forms the backdrop.

Places to sit can be found throughout the Library – although going on its popularity, there may be a need to add a few more sooner rather than later! – while down in the mid-level area, reached via a teleport point in the main chamber, not only can further reading material be found, but an old Mah-jong table from way back in SL’s past offers itself to those who wish to while away their time a different way. Next door is an area which may have the blood rushing to your head! The third level, from the cheeky peek I took, appears to have something special for lovers of Poe.

The Chamber Library
The Chamber Library

Art plays an important element within the Library, as evidenced by the horses mentioned above, and it is clear that Storm has put considerable effort in creating a unique environment in which art and literature can be enjoyed.

Looking at the guest book,  it’s clear that many people have already enjoyed their time at the Chamber Library; hopefully this will continue well into the future. If you do have writing you’d like to share with others, be it fiction or poetry, you can drop it into the bookcase at the landing point. If you’d like to get more involved in the Library, Storm is always looking for help in creating note cards for inclusion in the various bookcases, simply contact Storm directly to volunteer. There is also a 7th Circle Group you can join to keep abreast of Library developments.

The Chamber Library and Storm dacning as she works "It helps me concentrate :)"
The Chamber Library and Storm dancing as she works “It helps me concentrate :)”

All told, an interesting addition to Second Life, and one I’ll be keeping my eye on!

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