Testing the water and pretty in pink at Holtwaye

Hows the Water? Holtwaye ArtSpace
Hows the Water? Holtwaye ArtSpace

Eupalinos Ugajin fired over an invite for my to join a group of friends trying out How’s the Water? This is a giant catapult Eupalinos has been able to install over the Holtwaye ArtSpace.

I last visited the gallery, which is co-managed by WayneNZ and Holter Rez, back in June, not long after it had opened. So as well as visiting How’s the Water? I took the opportunity to see what was going on down in the gallery itself.

How’s the Water? is a wonderfully huge piece of interactive art / fun involving – as noted – a giant catapult. But this isan’t any catapult; at one end, where the “missiles” sit, is a huge wash basin with hot & cold taps, and a large counterweight at the other. Across a void sits a tall tower. The aim – literally – of the game is to add one or more objects to the basin using the cold water tap, and then fire them at the tower using the hot water tap.

Hows the Water? Holtwaye ArtSpace
Hows the Water? – Missile away! Holtwaye ArtSpace

The objects which are “fired” can be selected from a menu, and feature pieces from a number of artists, some of which can be sat upon, if you wish to take a ride yourself! When the hot water tap is touched, a giant strawberry (what else? 🙂 ) descends from the sky to add its mass and velocity to the counterweight, swinging the catapult into action.

Hitting the target tower – despite its size – isn’t easy. But should you do so, there’s a bit of an explosion, and rather than collapsing, the tower is bent back from the force of the impact, juddering and weaving with the imparted energy before righting itself for the next onslaught.

A small red canon and lawnmower at the base of the tower may also be worth investigating…!

If you’re looking for art that is a little … calmer … in nature, then down on the ground and inside the Gallery is a new exhibition entitled Be Our Art: Pink Edition, featuring pieces by Tomais Ashdene, Bryndarkly Cazalet, Awesome Fallen, Hottie Biscuit Lockjaw, Ziki Questi and Bianca Xavorin, all of which have, as the name suggests, a pink theme to them. Fuschia Nightfire also presents a piece for the exhibit in the media room, entitled Faerie Grotto. You’ll need to stand just inside the room and have media enabled to play this.

Be Our Art: Pink Edition
Be Our Art: Pink Edition, Holtwaye ArtSpace

Also still on display in the various gallery areas of the building are works by Chuckmatrix Clip, Fordis Flores, JJ Goodman and Waynenz, which I reviewed last time around, and Olio, a series of images by my friend and fellow SL aviator, Tomais Ashdene; while sculptures by Bryn Oh, Nessuno Myoo and others can be found in the gallery and its surrounding grounds.

If you’ve not had the chance to visit Holtwaye ArtSpace before now, I do recommend to add it to your list; not only are the exihibitions there worth seeing, as I noted in my original piece, the building itself – designed by Waynenz, who also designed the beautiful Toru, the Enchanted Forest.

Olio - Tomais Ashdene, Holtwaye ArtSpace
Olio – Tomais Ashdene, Holtwaye ArtSpace

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