Paradise Lost: your last chance to see live

image via Canary Beck
image via Canary Beck

During 2014, I’ve waxed lyrical over the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s production of Paradise Lost: The story of Adam and Eve’s original sin – and with good reason.

It really is that good.

The production, which presents John Milton’s epic blank verse poem Paradise Lost to dance and the music of the Süssmayr completion of Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor, is a masterpiece of Second Life performance art and theatre which really should not be missed.

Nor am I alone in this summation – there have been over 80 reviews of the production written during its two season run.

Satan and followers, post fall, amidst the fires of hell, Paradise Lost Premiere, April 2014
Satan and followers, post fall, amidst the fires of hell, Paradise Lost Premiere, April 2014

However, all good things must draw to a close, and this coming Sunday, September 21st, 2014, marks the final planned public performance of the production, which originally been set to run through until the end of October; however, the last four dates for the second season run will now take place behind closed doors while the entire production is filmed for posterity.

So if you’ve not taken the opportunity to see this magnificent production first-hand – and if you in any way love theatre, art, Milton’s works, Mozart’s Requiem, performing arts in SL or any  / all of the previous, then believe me, you will want to – there is still time to grab a ticket for this final performance from the SL Marketplace.

To get a feel for the complexity of this production, you can read my candid chat with the creative team behind Paradise Lost, Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks. There’s also the very excellent Drax Files World Makers segment, which focused on the production, and which I’ll finish with here to whet your appetites further!

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6 thoughts on “Paradise Lost: your last chance to see live

  1. I would love to have my school watch one of your performances. The age group is between 13 to 16 years old so maybe the content would have to be a tad tamer. Are you planning any future performances that you know of? Could we get a group discount to have a larger audience watch it?


    1. Enrique, I cannot answer your question directly, as I am not involved in rhe production of “Paradise Lost”. However, I have forwarded your information and enquiry to Canary Beck, the Creative Director of the Basilique Performing Arts Company, and I am sure she will contact you directly.


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