Where there’s No Signal in Second Life

No Signal
No Signal

Out on the headland, there stands a great tower, so close to the water’s edge that when the tide is in, the only way to reach it is by a wooden walk winding through the coastal reeds.

They say that once it was a nexus, a hub for of our electronic comings and goings. Through the great dishes and between the long narrow repeaters, all our business rushed back and forth at the speed of light. Directed, amplified, boosted, beamed, messages too numerous to ever truly comprehend passed through that great tower.

No Signal
No Signal

But that was then, and this is now. The messages no longer come and go; the invisible beams of information no longer form an unseen web of lines spreading outward from its slender form, up down, left right, some passing one another so close, if they could ever have been seen, you’d swear they were touching. There is No Signal any more.

Now the tower stands alone on the headland, its great dishes broken, the clusters of microwave emitters hang forlornly by the heavy cables that once fed them power. Rust now coats the tower’s metal, and its platforms sit in disrepair, lopsided against the backdrop of the sea.

No Signal
No Signal

A ladder, as rusted as the rest of the tower, still runs up the side of the structure for those who dare to climb, the creak and groan of metal on metal an ever-present reminder of the decay that sits here.

They say there is a mystery here, waiting to be solved, that if you follow the clues, the enigma of the tower will be revealed. Perhaps the key to the riddle lies within the strange figure, one hand gripping the topmost spire of the tower tightly, their body outstretched, free hand reaching to catch … their hat? … As it is caught upon the wind.

Or perhaps the secret lay elsewhere in the tower’s slender finger. The only way to find out is to walk the headland yourself and visit the place where No Signal can now be found …

No Signal
No Signal

No Signal is the latest piece by Nessuno Myoo, currently on display at MIC Imagin@rium, curated by Mexi Lane, and open through until June 14th, 2014. be sure to grab a note card from the welcome board after you arrive. And while visiting, why not take the time to explore the new prim and mesh amphitheatre on the main island, the work of Rumegusc Altamura?

No Signal
No Signal

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3 thoughts on “Where there’s No Signal in Second Life

  1. The pathos of this is that it says something about the outages last week in Second Life. The deeper irony is that, if ever there were to be “no signal”…no internet connection, no Second Life…then the very existence of No Signal, the sculpture describing that situation, would cease.

    Art requires a signal to exist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. That’s one interpretation, and one I deliberately avoided writing about, opting for the “story” format instead in the hope others would draw their own conclusions – as well as not give away the puzzle element 🙂 .


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