SL11B Community Celebration: of applications and a note to exhibitors

There are just six days to go before applications to be a part of the SL11B Community Celebrations close at midday SLT, Tuesday May 20th.

The organising team have been thrilled with the response so far, but are urging anyone wishing to take part in this year’s celebrations, and who has not already submitted an application to do so sooner rather than later. After all, you don’t want to go and put it off until tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow – and suddenly find it’s the 21st!

the application forms only take a couple of minutes to fill-out, and you can find them as follows:

  • Performers (for any of the event’s main stages) should apply here
  • Speakers and performance artists wishing to use the auditorium should apply here
  • Volunteers ready, will and able to help keep SL11BCC ticking along should apply here (training will be given!)
  • Exhibitors seeking a parcel of land on one of the 11 regions should apply here.

An Important Note to Exhibitors

All exhibition space applications must conform to the SLB Exhibitor Policies, which should be read prior to submitting an application, as they do contain important information.

When completing your Exhibitor Application, please keep foremost in your mind that the SL11B Community Celebration is a non-commercial event intended to showcase the best ideas, creativity, content and craftsmanship that the SL community has to offer. As such, applications which suggest an exhibit is little more than advertising space for a business or an organisation or a group, etc, and lacks any real attempt to fit with the event theme or match its celebratory nature, might be rejected.

What the SL11BCC organisarers are looking for: at SL10BCC the Safe Waters Foundation presented an imaginative exihibit above and below the waves which matched the theme of the event and offered insight into their group without simply being a 3D advert
Any example of what to aim for: at SL10BCC, the Safe Waters Foundation presented an imaginative exhibit above and below the waves which matched the theme of the event and offered insight into their group without simply being a 3D advert

This does not mean that if you have a business, or organisation or group you cannot apply for exhibitor space. Rather it means that:

  • You can apply, and use your brand name, etc., so long as there is more to your exhibit than just your brand name
  • You can give out gifts, landmarks, information and have group subscribers within your exhibit again, as long as there are not just what you exhibit has alongside your brand name
  • You can integrate your brand or product(s) into a build, so long as the build is focused on the SL11BCC theme or celebrating SL 11th anniversary, and not solely about product promotion. Think of things that make people engage and not just look – interactive pieces, games, puzzles, exhibits which tell a story, etc.
  • You cannot sell goods or services or use your exhibit space simply as a product catalogue showing off your goods or services.

To help understand what might or might not be acceptable with exhibitor applications, a short video has been produced, which underlines the above points and provides some examples of things you might want to consider when applying.

If you have already applied for exhibitor space, but feel your application may not meet the criteria the organisers are seeking, you can reapply. Just make sure your new application is entered before the closing deadline of midday SLT, Tuesday May 20th.

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7 thoughts on “SL11B Community Celebration: of applications and a note to exhibitors

  1. I miss the days when anyone could grab a plot regardless of their creative abilities, the message in those days was ‘look what we can do together!’ rather than ‘this is our brightest and best’.


    1. I don’t think that’s changed. The organisers aren’t asking for the brightest and best, they’re simply asking for people of all abilities to give thought to the celebratory nature of the event and its theme, and to make it clear that no one segment of the community is excluded, be they individuals who want to celebrate or business owners who want to celebrate.


      1. I’m sorry, i read your post out of context and i deserve a slap. I agree that the business exhibitors need to be more creative. But thinking as a regular SL user reading ‘event intended to showcase the best ideas, creativity, content and craftsmanship that the SL community has to offer.’ i can’t help but feel intimidated. In a way its understandable that now a days the organisers have to choose who gets to exhibit due to lack of space but i wish there was a way to encompass the whole comity instead of a select few.


        1. Actually, in the that regard, you raise a fair point – and I deserve a bit of a slap for lifting the wording from the SL11BCC website without considering it that way myself, and perhaps tweaking it a little to help make it appear less intimidating.

          Without wishing to put words in the organiser’s mouths, and in order to try to offer some encouragement to those who may feel a little intimidated: the intent really isn’t to put anyone off applying, but to try to ensure the exhibits selected, regardless of individual abilities, reflect the spirit of the event and the theme.

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    2. Loki, why not combine those two statements and strive for “Look at what the brightest and best can do together?”

      I agree that not everybody is a master storyteller, builder, texturer, scripter, soundscaper, and whateverelseyouneeder all in one. Heck, those folks tend to be insufferable ego cases. This is why there’s “Build Assistants” – work as a team with folks you trust and share cause with.

      As for the builds themselves, you know that the plots are going to be 32×32, 234 or more prims, and the rest of the rules pretty much follow Wil Wheaton’s “Don’t be a dick” rule. (I know, that disqualifies me right off the bat. Har har.) Once the vague theme is announced, you’ve got plenty of time to come up with an idea, and begin sandboxing it offside. Heck, you could start building at the end of one birthday and be ready by the next with some simple tweaks and adjustments to figleaf the theme.


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  2. There is still time for anyone who wants to be a part to submit an application. We do not close them down till May 20th (Tuesday). What we are saying in the post is this; we would love to have you come and build something but that it should be more exhibit than advertisement.
    It is not easy to come up with the most perfect words to explain something you think mostly everyone will understand. SL has many different languages and often the message gets lost in the balance.
    We posted the exhibitor guidelines very precisely and still residents submitted entirely commercial applications. It made us go back over the wording many times. It called for us to go back and clarify via the blog. We hope this does not make people stay away but accept the challenge and get creative with it.
    Our goal was to inspire people to bring their personal best and yes grab a parcel.
    The opportunity to do so is still open!! So as Loki and Inara have so articulately explained why not do that, come join us. Up above in this article is the link.

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    1. Finding the right balance of words is always hard; no slight on your attempts intended in my comments. More a case that I could’ve massaged things in this article a little better, rather than being lazy and lifting verbatim & without forethought!

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