Got a question about the VR metaverse? Put it to the experts!


The first Silicon Valley VR (SVVR) Conference and Expo will take place on Monday 19th May and Tuesday 20th May 2014, at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California.

The conference will bring together a host of experts in the VR and in virtual environments, including the likes of Palmer Luckey (Oculus VR), Philip Rosedale, Ebbe Altberg, David Holtz (Leap Motion), Ben Lang (Road to VR), Jan Goetgeluk (Virtuix) and many more – see the list of speakers and panelists on the conference website – as well as including exhibits and demos from some of the top names in the field.

Both the Drax Files Radio Hour and New World Notes have secured discounts of $100 per person on the two-day registration for those who are able to attend. Simply enter either code “drax2014″ or “nwn2014” when registering to claim your discount.

But even if you can’t attend, you can still be involved. Here’s how.

As a part of the conference events, Draxtor Despres of The Drax Files fame will be moderating a special panel, Creating the VR Metaverse. featuring Ebbe Altberg (Linden Lab), Philip Rosedale (High Fidelity), Stefano Corazza (Mixamo), Tony Parisi (Vizi).

Creating the VR metaverse
(l to r): Ebbe Altberg, Philip Rosedale, Stefano Corazza and Tony Parisi. Ready to answer questions on “Creating the VR Metaverse”.

Together, they’ll be considering topics such as:

  • One global metaverse or many?
  • Identity and privacy
  • Virtual World Governance: democracies, the greek god model, or benevolent dictators
  • Intellectual property and legal jurisdictions
  • Avatar portability and standards

If you have a question you’d like to put to this panel during the course of the proceedings, then please leave it in the comments following this article, and it may be selected by Drax to be asked during the course of the discussion.

Perhaps your question relates to one of the topics listed above, or perhaps you’re wondering if the idea of a just a “VR metaverse” is too narrow, and any future metaverse should also embrace augmented reality (AR) as well; or perhaps you’re wondering why and how any new metaverse might enjoy wider adoption in the world at large than we’ve seen with the likes of SL and OpenSim; or perhaps … Well, you get the idea.

Panel moderator: Draxtor Drepres
Panel moderator: Draxtor Despres

You can address your question to an individual member of the panel or to all of them or any combination in between. All that’s required is that your question is pertinent to the panel’s theme, creating the VR  metaverse, is polite, and is suitable for the forum in which it is to be asked.

Obviously, and depending upon the number received, not every question submitted will necessarily be asked (as questions will also be taken from the live audience) – but if your question is liable to get the panel thinking or generate some interesting / thought-provoking replies, then it may well get selected. Just make sure you have provided it in the comments below no later than 20:00 on Monday May 19th.

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9 thoughts on “Got a question about the VR metaverse? Put it to the experts!

  1. @Philip Rosedale – What was the real reason you and Cory Ondrejka parted ways?.. nagh just kidding.


  2. Ok here are my proper questions….

    1. Some tech journalists are defining Virtual Reality as a different thing to Virtual Worlds, do you support this distinction and what is the distinction?

    2. Will High Fidelity supply the ability for people to create and customise their avatars and build creations in world, or will the approach be more towards giving developers the underlaying structure to create their own applications and businesses to offer avatar creation and content building on high fidelity much like how the internet worked in web content design?

    3. If HighFidelity is successful at becoming the 3d internet will or can Second life evolve to adapt to High Fidelity’s underlaying protocols or will it remain a separate antiquated virtual world? Could Linden Lab see an opportunity to develop new applications that allow experienced SL Users to build in HyFy the way they do in SL?

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  3. Darn it. Drax asked me to provide questions & run this article, and I didn’t even post my own questions after e-mailing them to him! Here they are for completeness, and intended for the entire panel (or any member thereof):

    What does the word “metaverse” mean to you? How would you define what it is and what people might find within it / how people might use it?

    Do you see the metaverse as a purely digital, immersive environment a-la the likes of Second Life, or something much broader and more tangible, which connects digital environments with things like “real world” m-commerce capabilities, etc.?

    So far the renewed interest in the metaverse has focused on the technology. But mainstream use of virtual worlds requires compelling mainstream use cases that clearly trump other options. Better technology doesn’t matter to people who don’t know why they’d want to use a virtual world at all (to paraphrase Botgirl Questi). So, where do you feel such mainstream *consumer-based* use of virtual worlds / “the metaverse” might lie?

    With a few exceptions, people still see VR and AR as different technologies serving different audiences (e.g. Brendan Iribe’s comments at Techcrunch Disrupt). Do you see the metaverse the same way, as best serving one or the other, or do you see it as an environment where the lines between the two are blurred or perhaps completely erased, and if so – how?


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