Firestorm Q&A: Saturday February 15th

firestorm-logoThe Firestorm have been working hard on readying a new release of the viewer. Beta version of Firestorm 4.5.2 have been under beta evaluation for the last week or so, (and is looking good – the most recent version appears to have cured an issue I’ve had with Firestorm and my GTX 660 GPU, so right now I’m a very happy bunny).

There are still some decisions to be made, as a result, the next Firestorm Q&A session will be on Saturday February 15th. As per usual, the venue for the meeting will be the Phoenix Firestorm Support Island theatre, commencing at 16:00 SLT.

Jessica and the firestorm team promise "exciting news" at the next Q&A session
Jessica and the firestorm team promise “exciting news” at the next Q&A session

References to some “great news” and “exciting times are coming” within the blog post announcing the meeting has led to speculation as to what might be announced.

As well as working directly on the viewer, members of the Firestorm team have, as reported in these pages, been working on integrating Leap Motion into the viewer on behalf of the Lab and Leap Motion – so rumours have been circulating that the next release will include Leap Motion support, and it would seem that initial support for the device may be available in one form or another.

Those who use Firestorm for their SL photography may well have a nice little surprise waiting for them as well 😉 , as might Linux users.

However, the best way to be sure of what is coming is to attend the meeting. As usual, and on behalf of the team, I’ll be providing a transcript after the fact.

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  1. From FS blog: So our next Q&A will be Saturday, February 15th, at 4PM SLT.

    So that is 16 SLT not 14 as above. Thank you for your transcripts !


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