Looking for Spring in Second Life

Small Town Green; Inara Pey, February 2014, on FlickrrSmall Town Green (Flickr)

The weather has been pretty lousy for many of us of late. The North American continent looks  like Antarctica decided to head north for a bit of a vacation while if Britain receives much more in the way of rain, the country will end up looking permanently wrinkled when viewed from space. However, the weekend has actually seen us with clear skies and sunshine where I live. The wind chill means it’s not exactly weather to be wandering around the garden in a sleeveless top and shorts, but the sky has been a beautiful blue and almost cloudless. This being the case, I decided to seek out what signs of early Spring might be found in Second Life.

Small Town Green; Inara Pey, February 2014, on FlickrrSmall Town Green (Flickr)

Actually, if I’m honest, I didn’t really look that far. I’d noticed earlier in the week that Small Town Green had  thrown off its wintry shackles, so “seeking out ” really comprised a quick teleport followed by rambling around prior to RL life again demanding my attention. One of the things that makes Small Town Green popular is that it is always evolving and changing. This makes it something of a magnet for SL photographers (and those of us who attempt to pass ourselves off as such *coughs and avoids making eye contact with her reflection*), and also for those curious to see what has changed and where.

Small Town Green; Inara Pey, February 2014, on FlickrrSmall Town Green (Flickr)

At the moment, spring and romance is in the air on an island that has again be transformed, but which still carries familiar motifs: the use of water, a train (this time right out in the bay), and similar. A clock tower sits on a rocky outcrop, dominating the main island, and down below is a venue for weddings. Bridges are also a part of the landscape this time around, crossing and re-crossing the river winding through the region, and also forming a link with a little offshore island complete with fairy ring and gazebo. As always, the attention to detail within the built will have the SL snapper camming around looking which is the best of many angles for a shot, while for those just wanting a place to sit and relax and spend time alone or with a friend, there are places to sit, lie, cuddle and dance waiting to be discovered. Just watch out for the lions. I’m not sure how friendly they are, and to be honest, wasn’t of a mind to find out, but they are certainly in a position to keep an eye on coming and goings.

Small Town Green; Inara Pey, February 2014, on FlickrrSmall Town Green (Flickr)

So even when the rain does come a-tapping on my window once more (and it will), I know there is at least one place I can go bask in the Spring sun.

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