Materials project viewer released

Update: subsequent to this article being published, the Lab issued their own blog post on the new project viewer.

Linden Lab released a project viewer for materials processing on Monday April 8th, to go with the server-side support already released.

Materials Processing video demonstration

This is very much an “alpha” status viewer, and as such comes with a series of caveats, including:

  • The viewer is still very fragile
  • It is still subject to change in various ways
  • It should not be used on content you care about – particularly if said content is MODIFY / NO COPY.

As Oz Linden wryly commented at the Open-source Dev meeting where the release was announced, “Regular attendees may notice some small changes in my raft…. I had to reconstruct it because I messed it up playing with this viewer (mostly my fault).” So, if you plan to download and play with the viewer, be warned!

For information on the materials project, please read my overview.

The download itself is available on the Lab’s Alternate Viewers wiki page.

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7 thoughts on “Materials project viewer released

    1. Fingers, toes, eyes, in my case (although the last one isn’t really saying anything new).


  1. I placed my netbook on my lap in bed this morning feeling pretty bad, and sick. Then I saw materials release, and popped wide awake and flew to my desktop to download it. It really made my day, and it maybe buggy , but on Linux seems quite stable crash wise (It hasn’t crashed yet at all for me *knock on wood*). This is just down right cool, and well worth a few linden bucks to upload my models, and play.


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