Changes to the Abandoned Land Policy

secondlifeLinden lab have made alterations to the Mainland Abandoned Land Policy as of January 15th, 2013. The changes see the policy largely rationalised to improve readability, particularly the sections relating to purchasing Abandoned Land, claiming Abandoned Land and triggering an auction.

However, what may cause concern are the changes made to land abandoned in error.

Previously, this was handled as follows (Abandoned Land Policy, June 2011):

When a mainland parcel is abandoned, there is a short period (from one hour to 24 hours) during which an owner can reclaim the land if he/she abandoned it in error. After that period, objects on the land are returned to the original owner, the name of the parcel changes to “Abandoned Land – For Sale,” and ownership transfers to Governor Linden. The land can then be purchased by anyone with a premium account.

The revised policy now states:

When a mainland parcel is abandoned, the ownership of the parcel changes to Governor Linden.  There is no Linden dollar (L$) grant related to abandoned land.  Once abandoned, the parcel settings are amended to reflect the abandoned status and auto-return settings are enabled after one week.

I abandoned my land by mistake!

You should never expect to be able to reclaim abandoned land.  Please use care to make sure that any abandonment action is intentional.  However, if you do make a mistake, please submit a support case as soon as possible.  Include the parcel location and explain that you would like to reclaim a parcel you abandoned by mistake.  We can attempt to make a one-time courtesy effort to recover the land for you.

This effectively means that the automated buy-back of abandoned land is being eliminated. The new code is alrweady live on the Magnum RC. Concerns were raised at the Server Beta User Group meeting that this could make obtaining mainland harder, as use cases exist whereby the short-term abandonment of land can assist with land purchases (such as obtaining a section of abandoned land to increase land holdings without actually trigger a tier rise).  While Maestro Linden himself was in no position to comment on the policy change, he did offer to feed concerns back to the Land Team.

Note this policy relates to Mainland only, and does not apply to private regions.

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11 thoughts on “Changes to the Abandoned Land Policy

  1. This is a welcome change for mainland residents. What was happening with the old system was that people were buying land (usually roadside), chopping it into micro-plots then abandoning it. They would then repurchase just 1 or 2 of the mini-plots and set up an ad.
    We went to a lot of trouble to eliminate the ad farms a year or 3 ago and this exploit was bringing them back.


    1. Surely they will just cut it and then abandon the plots they don’t want and keep the ones they do, if this isn’t covered by the land cutting policy or the adverts policy then surely it’s those policies that need updating.


    2. Have no idea either way, as no mainland holdings – just reporting the policy change itself, as it hasn’t been blogged by LL as yet and the code is starting to appear on the RC channels. One mainland own did raise concerns at the meeting where the change was effectively announced.


    3. All it really does it prevent you from using land abandonment to avoid a tier bump when trying to acquire -part- of a lot.

      The notion being something like this:
      I have 4096m of land, next to me is a plot that is 2048m of land. I have 512m of tier left.
      I abandon my lot, buy the 2048, slice out the 512m I want, abandon the rest, and then buy my own lot back. Happy me.

      Killing the buy back within 24 hours means I can no longer safely do this trick.

      – It seems LLs wants me to have to pay for having had 6144m of land – even if I only have the excess for 1 second.


  2. i think buy back can be abused in a number of ways, so it likely should never have been there in the first place. and really, they abandon their land by mistake? they ignored that big pop up warning that this could not be undone, and they pressed right on, but they didn’t mean it, oh no waaaah!!!
    people learn from mistakes. they’ll get by somehow.


  3. Hopefully this is signalling that LL is about to get serious and start carving out swaths of mainland, turning it into water, and thereby make more waterfront property while at the same time making land more scarce.


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