The obsession returns…

In 2012, the first part of my SL year was spent re-working my take on Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Fallingwater“, which eventually wound-up in a quarter-sim in-world for a few weeks.

That build is now boxed for a rainy day, but as I indicated later in the year, I’ve reproduced Fallingwater in Kitely, where it has a full region of its own, allowing me to develop a landscape more in keeping with that of the original. Since then, I’ve been tinkering around with it, adding a region windlight and generally tightening things up. There are still some parts I want to rework, once I have better source material by way of photos (most notably Bear River and the falls), but for now the house is just about done.

Fallingwater on Kitely
Fallingwater on Kitely

With the Second Life build, I produced a modest video; however the result wasn’t overly brilliant – largely because I didn’t really appreciate what I was doing in terms of the technical side of producing the video. Recently, I’ve had some good advice and help from Fuzonacid via YouTube, prompting me to have a further go, this time focusing on the Kitely build.

As it is the start of a new year, I could hardly let it pass without reference to my obsession :), so I hope you enjoy the video (and the Flickr slideshow has also been updated!).

11 thoughts on “The obsession returns…

    1. Thank for the mention, Ilan! 🙂

      Are you offering a bigger world for me to play with on your behalf? 😀 (joking)


      1. I think our prices are already extremely affordable for everyone. 😀

        You could get a 9-region Advanced Megaregion Kitely world (in addition to your existing 1-region world) for just $20/month. Of course you could use that plan to just build 10 different 1-region worlds, or two 4-region worlds and two 1-region worlds, etc. 🙂


        1. Yes, but what about the cost of cloning me?!

          After all, I’m still up to my ears in things in other worlds, so I’m going to need another me to get everything done! :).

          (And that’s assuming the world (real or virtual) is really ready to have two of me running around! :))


  1. I’ll make sure to add “cloning Inara” to our roadmap 😀

    In the meantime, you can relax from all the things you need to do in other worlds inside your Kitely ones 😉


    1. You’re absolutely sure you want little mes running around the place unchaperoned? 🙂

      Just visiting Fallingwater is a dangerous proposition for me, as I keep looking at aspects of it and thinking (“Oh! I could…” and “Hmmm. If just…”).


  2. Just saw your tweet on #OLDSMOOC and had to explore your #KITELY version of Fallingwater. I’ve always been incredibly drawn to Wright’s masterpiece and really enjoy your take on it. I’m enjoying your obsession.

    Quick question about Kitely: I teach in Second Life but can’t afford the island cost much longer. Can you transport builds, items to Kitely? to anywhere? I would hate to lose the beautiful space a dear, generous friend built for me.

    Thanks for any advice!


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