Phoenix gets jiggly

In something of a surprise move, Phoenix have released version 1102 of the Viewer. While an update was anticipated following the Ogg Vorbis Library files issue, the extent of this update took many by surprise, including as it does the Viewer 2 Avatar Physics code.

Yes, bouncing bewbs (and bums and bellies) using the official Linden code within Phoenix.

However, this isn’t a fad release: there have been reports that Viewers not using the LL Avatar Physics code are failing to render avatars that are using the Physics Layer correct (remember, Avatar Physics is a worn layer, like clothing, Alpha and Tattoo layers). So this inclusion of the code is as much about fixing this issue within Phoenix as it is about giving people bouncy bits.

To further encourage people to upgrade to 1102, the Phoenix team are including a set of pre-defined Physics Layers, each created by a different member of the team, which are ready-to-wear for both male and female avatars (yes, men can have wobbly bits as well!). For that want to make their own, there is an easy-to-follow tutorial from Phoenix.

Other fixes with the release include:

  • Removal of old Breast physics code as it is now obsolete and no longer compatible
  • Addition of further user-created WL Presets
  • Set “Let Scripts Control My Play Button” to OFF by default. Prefs> Audio & Video>
  • Fixed local lights issue for Mac users (could only see 2 local lights rather than the default 6)
  • Security fix with OGG Vorbis Library (see above)
  • Addition of Linden chat color options in Prefs>Text Chat>“Color text for linden text chat”
  • Open buttons for logfiles, Chat logs etc on Linux and Mac fixed. Prefs> Network & Folder>
  • Further sculpt fixes
  • TP Failure crash fix
  • Blank media texture crash fix.

Performance on this release (for me) appears somewhat better than 1050, and on a par with 977 Beta (which I had to roll back to following the 1050 release). However, given the Ogg and Avatar Physics “fixes” this is really a necessary upgrade than an optional one.