Viewer 2 Basic mode – where next?

Opinions relating to the Basic mode available in Viewer 2 are mixed. While finding it usable in my original review, several aspects left me concerned as to how well it might fill the role for which it appears to have been designed. I specifically questioned the fact that beyond things like basic movement, the view controls and communicating, it has very little in common with the Advanced mode – and there is no obvious continuity in the assistance available for those who opt to start with Basic and come to the point where they want to transition.

One Small Step for a Viewer; One Giant Leap for the User

In fairness, getting to grips with the Viewer at the best of times isn’t easy; while Torley has produced some outstanding videos, these aren’t always easy to locate. Worse, the So-called Quick Start Guide suffers from a combination of having the wrong emphasis in part and missing important and basic information (like actually modifying your avatar’s appearance, rather than simply changing clothes). Also, it’s fair to say the Quick Start Guide hasn’t been updated to reflect the arrival of additional and attractive functionality, thus putting it further out-of-synch with the Viewer.

Put all of this together – the more intense UI of the Advanced mode, a less-than-helpful Quick Start Guide, only the broadest elements of commonality between the Basic and Advanced modes of the Viewer, etc. – and it becomes clear that moving up from the Basic mode to the Advanced mode is not so much a matter of taking the next logical step as it is about taking a leap of faith that the effort is going to be worth it. This considerably undermines the usefulness of the Basic mode.

If the Basic mode is to prove worthwhile, work needs to be put into providing some level of continuity between the two modes of the Viewer to help those making the transition. Indeed, with a little forethought, re-working where and how people get help in the Advanced mode may well assist those leaping straight into it, opting to avoid the Basic mode altogether.

Such continuity / general assistance could be achieved first and foremost by incorporating the HOW TO button with an expanded number of pop-ups (providing overviews of, say, the Sidebar, the revised Toolbar, the menus and the Favourites bar). Doing this would immediately achieve two things:

  1. It would provide needed continuity of approach to seeking help for those moving up to Advanced from Basic.
  2. It offers an obvious place to find basic help and information for those leaping into the Advanced mode of the Viewer and bypassing the Basic mode altogether.

All the pop-ups associated with HOW TO (both Basic and Advanced) should additionally contain links to the Viewer Quick Start Guide, where more in-depth information would still reside. These links should display a pop-up informing the user the QSG will be opened in their external browser (although the Advanced mode should still retain QSG access from the Sidebar as an option).

To further increase the relevancy of the QSG, it should be re-formatted into two sections: BASIC and ADVANCED:

  • BASIC should provide additional information relevant to the Basic mode and which is not included in the HOW TO pop-ups (such as the more familiar WASD keys being available for movement, information on the various icons that appear on the right of the toolbar, etc.)
  • ADVANCED should provide more in-depth information available to Advanced mode users
  • Where any overlap occurs between the two modes, simple visual indicators should be used to indicate options those options only available to the Advanced mode.

Help, Don’t Hinder

It is fair to say that the current QSG is encumbered by several problems:

  • It is out-of-date
  • It lacks key information users will want to know – such as instructions on physically altering an avatar, as mentioned earlier
  • It contains a lot of what might be regarded as extraneous information. For example, while one understands LL’s desire to promote Premium Accounts, is it really necessary to have the latter third of the QSG read like a brochure for Linden Homes – especially as there is already an entire section of the Sidebar given over to this very topic?

It would therefore seem preferable that any re-vamp of the QSG should also focus on ensuring it is updated to reflect more recent version of the Viewer and on assisting the user more effectively, rather than engaging them in a sales pitch for Premium Accounts.

Obviously, a better alignment of the two modes of the Viewer and overhauling the QSG will not solve all the problems inherent in joining Second Life – there are many other aspects of getting into SL that also need to be addressed over an above the Viewer itself.

However, changes like these should help to ease people into using the viewer and encourage a greater tolerance towards it by presenting a more easy-to-follow route into getting help and understanding the UI. In short, it will do more to help users in gaining familiarity with either mode of the Viewer, rather than possibly hindering them.

As stands, as long as the  disconnect between both modes of the Viewer remains, it is hard to see how the Basic mode can achieve any lasting positive impact on new users.

3 thoughts on “Viewer 2 Basic mode – where next?

  1. I don’t know where they are heading with the basic viewer, whether it’s a template for a web viewer or supposedly just easier for new customers. There’s too much missing and having to restart to switch modes is silly.


    1. It’s completely disjointed, I agree. The manual restart is irritating; but theoretically someone only perhaps done a couple of times at most. Would be nice if it was properly automated, as I commented on on my original review.

      What I really don’t understand, however, is why the Basic mode has just been casually tossed out – I’m tempted to say “rushed out”, given the 7 or 8 days from the “beta” announcement to the “release”. Again, it smacks of the Viewer team working to targets on a calendar, rather to any actual strategy for the Viewer. Oz has been here to comment and deny this, but each release, seemingly hurriedly pushed through undermines comments to the contrary.

      I’m not sure it’s a template for a web browser – although that’s an interesting idea. If they are going to go the web browser route as a further means of accessing SL, then better they get on with the coding, rather that piddling around with a half-baked idea which the Basic mode is turning out to be.

      Things could so easily be turned around – just sorting out the help aspects and gaining some commonality between the two modes of the Viewer in this regard would do an enormous amount of good. If nothing else, it provides an acceptable road between mollycoddling otherwise intelligent users by patronising them (something the new Orientation Island area were guilty of when first launched) and frustrating them by leaving them without accessible and accurate help (something for which the Viewer has constantly been guilty).

      In some respects, given the way it has been handled and the degree of disconnect, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Basic mode poofed out of existence sometime in the next six months on the grounds that users are “ignoring” it.


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