More on bouncing bits

So, SL is all lit up about the forthcoming bouncing bewbs et al in Viewer 2; so much so that people are stampeding over to the website and downloading the Snowstorm latest development version (2,6,3) of the Viewer in which Avatar Physics are to be found.

Setting the Avatar Physics rendering slider

To determine how well your Viewer renders Avatar Physics, go to ME -> PREFERENCES -> GRAPHICS, click on ADVANCED at the bottom of the tab, and then adjust the Avatar Physics detail slider.

In what might cause a little confusion for those used to using breast physics in TPVs, Avatar Physics are treated as a new clothing layer in Viewer 2. To enable them, therefore, you need to:

  • Open your Inventory and click “+” at the bottom of the Inventory tab
  • Select NEW CLOTHES -> NEW PHYSICS from the drop-down menu that appears
  • A new clothing layer is created called, by default, “New Physics”.

Once created, wear the new clothing layer, and:

  • Swap to the My Appearance tab in the Sidebar
  • Click on WEARING
  • Right click on the New Physics clothing layer (or whatever you’ve renamed it to) and select EDIT OUTFIT
  • Click on the tools icon to the right of the selected layer to display the Avatar Physics options tab.
Avatar Physics - main options

This tab contains a number of controllers:

  • Breast Bounce (open by default on first use)
  • Breast Cleavage
  • Breast Sway
  • Belly Bounce
  • Butt Bounce
  • Butt Sway
  • Advanced Parameters

Each of the first six options comprises a series of sliders rated from 0-100 which adjust four parameters: mass effect, spring, gain, and damping.

Advanced Parameters contains an additional set of parameters (mass, gravity, drag) for breasts, belly and butt respectively. Again, each of these is controller by a slider rated from 0-100.

In all cases, 0 = effect not seen; 100 = effect on maximum exaggeration. The best way to sort out how to set the sliders is through experimentation and finding something you’re happy with. Once you’re happy with things, click the SAVE button at the top of the tab, or SAVE AS at the bottom, if you wish to rename the layer.

Some things to note:

  • Like the Breast Physics in TPVs, activating Avatar Physics in Viewer 2 broadcasts the effects to other compatible Viewers
  • The Avatar Physics system is not    compatible with the Breast Physics in TPVs – you won’t see bouncing bewbs for others using a TPV with Breast Physics enabled; similarly, they will not see your Avatar Physics.

Happy bouncing!