Bewbs bounce, bellies bobble and butts…umm…

Breast physics are not new to the world of Third-Party Viewers (or Third-Pervy Viewers as I once saw them called in a forum post). First introduced with Emerald, they are now available in most TPVs.

Until now, however, they’ve not been available in the “official” Viewer; but all that is about to change. Yes, bouncing bewbs are coming to Viewer 2. And not only bouncing bewbs, but also physics to make bellies and butt do their own thing.

Whether this leads to a wider uptake of Viewer 2 remains to be seen; I’ve personally found the bouncing bewbs thing to be a nevermind situation – I’m not particularly fussed if someone out there has parts of me madly boinging up and down to aid their visual jollies in a TP, but at least here, as a clothing layer, I retain full control of what is seen. This alone means there should be less screaming from people in terms of sexist attitudes or degrading the female form, as we’ve had in the past.

At the end of the day, if bouncy bits are fun to have and further mimic what we get in real life (well, if not taken to extremes), then well done to LL for finally jumping on the band wagon!

In the meantime – and with grateful thanks to Opensource Obscure, here’s a fun little video marking the soon-to-arrive features, currently available in Snowstorm.

8 thoughts on “Bewbs bounce, bellies bobble and butts…umm…

  1. LOL thanks to OO for making that vid 😉 .. but why is it that when it comes to LL the key word is always “Finally” ? Oh well good that they are taking this step .. err.. finally 😉


  2. Don’t really know what to make out of bouncing butts and bellies, but the video looks funny. So yeah, that’s a good thing.

    BTW, the butt code is in the very old Emerald sources, it was just not active.


    1. Wasn’t aware of the origins for the bum bobble code, so thanks for that :).

      I liked Opensource’s video precisely because it does provide a short, simply example in a very light-hearted way!


    1. Hey Boy 🙂 OOs vid is fun but I saw Pancake post on Twitter on a more ..erm.. shall we say serious vid on the new phys here the link


      Note from Inara: Sadly, EMI have caused the video Lady Sakai posted to be blocked, as the music it contained was copyrighted.


    1. Indeed, as Trinity pointed out to you following your reply to my later post on the subject :).


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