Lithium to drive the Community Platform

A little birdie chirped in my ear today that Lithium is to drive the new Comminity Platform recently blogged about.

No, not the copper coloured top variety made famous (in the UK at least) by a horde of clever little pink bunnies, but rather this kind. While it has not been confirmed, I’m guessing that the actual software will be this, which clearly ticks all the technology boxes Vogt Linden alluded to in his blog post; although I suspect the Lithium Awareness product may have a roll to play, given LL’s one-sided love affair with Facebook…

Certainly, the suite look more up to the task than the current tools in use. I still have reservations about the “power to the users” aspect of the new system, for reasons stated – and will be watching out for more news on this aspect of things. In the meantime, here’s to Lithium…

2 thoughts on “Lithium to drive the Community Platform

  1. Personally I don’t see any actual “LL’s one-sided love affair with Facebook”.

    New LL’s CEO Rod Humble on integrating Second Life with Facebook:
    “I think it’s interesting [as an idea but]… I think you have to be very careful. You always have to put the privacy controls in the hands of our customers. Beyond that, I think it’s pretty powerful… but number one priority is customers can control their privacy.”



    1. LL have demonstrated a one-sided love affair. They have – as per Amanda’s recent blog post on communications, as per the 2010 Valentine’s Day Hunt, as per the Spring Break campaign earlier this year (to name but three examples) been more than keen to drive SL users towards FB in an attempt to raise the visibility of the platform over there in the hopes of attracting new users.

      Granted, Rod Humble has shown a refreshing change of attitude, something I’ve commented upon myself, and I particularly like the way he skirted Hamlet’s view on closer ties with FB at the end of that interview, which I also commented upon in this blog.

      But that, we have yet to see Rod’s words turned into actions. Personally, I’ve nothing against building links between SL and FB where such links are appropriate, and where people who wish to use them can opt to do so…but there’s the rub.

      Rather than do this, we have instead Amanda Linden telling us just earlier this month (Feb 10th) that, “Facebook is the best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life, share ideas, and get the inside scoop on inworld events, contests, machinima releases, PR activities, fun discussions, and more”.

      As a user of Second Life, regardless of whether I have a FB account or not – I expect to be able to come to the SL website and environment if I want to find out all about what is going on and is “cool” in the world I’m actively participating in. I don’t expect to be told to effectively bugger off elsewhere.

      Hopefully, given his statements and views, Rod Humble will work to balance things out; until that happens, it would appear that currently, FB is the darling of much of LL’s thinking – mostly for the wrong reasons.


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