Moving house

The House at sunrise

Yep…another day, another move!

Well, actually, this happened about two weeks or so ago, but I’ve neglected posting on it until now. Blame it on my toes, shoulder or the stinking rotten cold that refuses the eviction notices I keep sending it in the form of vitamin C pills and Lemsip….

I’ve not actually moved that far, to be honest: just from the north side of QE over to the West. The move was prompted by a number of things:

  • I adore sunsets in SL – and having an uninterrupted view over water of them
  • Two adjoining parcels became available on the west side of the sim
  • I got somewhat fed up with the number of visitors to the skyborne “club” a couple of parcels over who would invariably fall off / out of the club and pancake themselves on the roof of the house….then get booted home by the security system (an event that occurred around 3 times a night on the twice-weekly “party nights”)
  • I adore sunsets in SL – and having an uninterrupted view over water of them.

As a part of the move, I played around with the house itself and was somewhat pleased with the results of my tinkering: recouping over 100 prims without losing any of the capabilities the house has (internal lighting system, curtains, etc.). Part of this is down to the new LSL commands allowing me to do things a little more efficiently, and it is something I now plan to carry over to the commercial versions of the house and incorporate into several other builds.

Kelly's beach front home

So here we are…and I’ve finally been able to make good on my promise to Kelly, long-time friend and “little sister” in SL and build her a home down on the ground once more (she’s been stuck up in the air ever since I sold Scorpius Myth).

Kelly’s house is a slightly customised version of my Tahoma beach house – a design I’m rather partial to, if I say so myself. More importantly, Kelly likes it, and she’s now got a great ocean-front view alongside of us.

Who could ask for more?


Have any thoughts?

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