Moving towards script limits

Well, it took longer than originally planned, but server 1.38(.1) has rolled out onto the grid. With it comes new LSL extensions and (for those using Viewer 2.0 and its derivatives) the initial script management tools.

The latter take two forms: a breakdown of scripts running on a region (sim), and an Avatar’s personal script load; the former will only be visible to those “owning” land, or who are members of a group with land “ownership” (and then only on the land they “own”), while the latter should be available to anyone wherever they are in the grid.

Currently, both are limited in their meaning, because a) we don’t actually know what the overall limits are going to be for either in-world scripts or for the “pool” of resources to be allocated per server / sim to avatars; and b) the tools don’t accurately reflect Mono script usage – Mono scripts can utilise any amount of memory up to 64Kb (with the average apparently being around 9Kb), but only the 64Kb reserved for a Mono script (whether or not it is using less) is reported. Thus, Mono scripts currently appear to be hogging resources, when this may not be the case.

A further problem with the current tools is that, when looking at in-world script usage, they are simply too broad-based. Details can only be displayed for the entire region rather than for individual parcels. Hopefully, this will become more granular in the future, but for now it does possibly invite the kind of knee-jerk reaction the promotion of Avatar Rendering Costs created (albeit on a far smaller scale, given the limited access to script information), with people with access to the information screaming blue murder at the sim owner because a) the sim is laggy, and b) their neighbour is running XX “gigantic” scripts, and so must be responsible for the lag.

Access to the in-world script list is obtained by going to ABOUT LAND and then clicking on the SCRIPT INFO button in the GENERAL tab of the About Land pop-up.

Script Info - Land (note avatar names purposefully hidden to preserve individuals' privacy)

The list can be sorted in a number of ways – by script size or via avatars names (alphabetically ordered by first name, etc).

There are three buttons on the list – REFRESH – self-explanatory; HIGHLIGHT – which allows an object to be “red beamed”  after selecting it on the list, thus allowing its physical location to be confirmed) and RETURN – which allows an object highlighted in the list to be returned to the named owner’s inventory. In the case of this last item, I sincerely hope the functionality is restricted to SIM owners / Estate Managers, for obvious reasons.

At the top of the list is a small information area entitled “Parcel Script Memory” – possibly indicative that the display will be further refined to parcel level, rather than listing the contents of an entire sim. This section also gives a practical indication that script limits have not been set, as it will report that the sim is using XXXXXXXKb out of 0Kb.

For those who are not land “owners”, their personal script info can still be accessed through one of two ways: either via the SCRIPT INFO button in the GENERAL tab of ABOUT LAND, or via the SCRIPT INFO button that is displayed in the APPEARANCE editing window. Clicking on the MY AVATAR tab at the top of the script listing pop-up will then display the relevant information in both cases.

Avatar Script Info Display

At the moment, both displays are purely informational, and will have no real meaning until final limits for scripts are set by Linden Lab.  But the process has now started, and it is going to be interesting to see how things develop and whether LL stick to their promise of being open and communicative as further elements of this new policy are rolled out.