Imprudence returns

Following the recent discussions on the TPVP which led to some needed rewording, Imprudence have announced they will continue to support Second Life.

While SL may no longer be the primary “market” for Imprudence (and Lord knows the OS environment needs a viewer with Imprudence’s strengths), that they have reversed their earlier, and somewhat irrational action is to be strongly commended. So to is their willingness to engage in the issue of clarifying concerns around the TPVP’s ill-considered wording.

Kudos, Imprudence!

I’m sorry, I’ve had a couple of blonde moments

Some may have noticed a couple of recent posts showing up, vanishing and then reappearing or going through multiple edits after publication. It’s not me changing my mind or anything….I’ve developed an idiotic habit of starting a long post, hitting the “save draft” button the first two or three times, and then hitting the “publish” button in error, while still actually drafting.

I have now given myself a stiff talking-to and swapped my in-world hair from blonde back to it’s usual auburn, so hopefully this won’t happen again!