Lab invites merchants to sign-up for holiday shopping event

Linden Lab will once again be hosting an in-world shopping event over the holiday period, and are inviting applications from merchants

Since 2017’s SL14B celebrations, seasonal shopping events hosted by the Lab have become something of a popular thing in Second Life, with events being held over the winter holiday period in 2017, and earlier in 2018.

Popular among creators and shoppers alike, these events so no sign of stopping, and on Tuesday, November 6th, the Lab blogged about the winter / Christmas 2018 event, with a call to merchants who may wish to apply to be a part of it.

We realize many of us are still recovering from the Halloween holiday, but the truth is – the rest of the year will creep upon us like the creepiest of Halloween creatures. Winter is coming…and that means it’s time for cheerful greetings, the spirit of giving, and lots of festive music!

Like last year, we’re winding up for a winter in-world shopping event – and we’re now looking for Merchants who would like to participate!

– Xiola Linden, blogging on the winter shopping event

The shopping events take place across a multi-region environment, offering plenty of space for merchants and shoppers alike

The winter 2018 event will run from Monday, December 17th, 2018 through to Tuesday, January 4th, 2019, inclusive, with Xiola further noting:

This event … is an opportunity to bring a ton of new customers to your brand, offer some of you best items, and celebrate the holiday season in a huge shopping event across several Regions.

We are looking for merchants willing to offer a discount on some of their items (think after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday deals!) and provide a small non-exclusive gift to holiday shoppers.

Those merchants and designers interested in participating in the event are invited to complete the application form (embedded below, and also available here, for those preferring the direct link).  Note that submissions must be made no later that Tuesday, November 27th, 2018, with the cut-off for applications at 00:01 SLT on Wednesday, November 28th.


Previewing Men in Focus in Second Life

Men In Focus

Men in Focus is a new gallery opening on Thursday, November 1st, 2018. Owned and sponsored by Men in Motion, a team of male choreographers and dancers promoting men’s mental and physical health in cooperation with the Movember Foundation. The gallery is curated by JMB Balogh, who invited me to preview the first exhibition at the gallery.

“The gallery features photography and 3D artworks of men at work or play in SL by male artists,” Jo informed me, adding, “There are hundreds of art galleries in Second Life but few, if any, that focus exclusively on the art of men.”

Men In Focus: Slayer Tanaka

The primary aim of the gallery is to showcase 2D art; however for the opening exhibition Jo has brought together both 2D and 3D artists, with works displayed across the multi-level gallery space that offers plenty of room for it to be appreciated. Those participating in this inaugural exhibition comprise:

Men In Focus: Jⓞhan Lionheart (Gemini sculpture) and Slayer Tanaka

The opening of the exhibition, set for 18:00 SLT on Thursday, November 1st, 2018, will be the kick-off event for the 2018 11-day Movember fund-raiser hosted by Men in Motion, and which will culminate in a spectacular dance show highlighting their choreography skills.

The schedule of events for the November fund-raiser comprises (at the time of writing and all time SLT):

  • Thursday, November 1st, 18:00: Men In Focus gallery opening, with music by DJ Ame
  • Friday, November 2nd: 20:00: Ladies Night with M@N
  • Saturday, November 3rd:
    • 09:00-11:00 – DJ Hanku
    • 12:00 noon-13:00 – Men In Motion dancer auction
    • 14:00-16:00 – DJ Chopper
    • 20:00-22:00 – DJ Aryanna Draken
  • Saturday, November 10th, 15:00-16:30 – Men In Motion Show
  • Sunday, November 11th, 13:00-15:00 – closing with DJ Cara.

All funds raised during the event will be donated to the Movember Foundation.

Men In Focus: Alex Avion and Kavika Lowgun

About the Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is a multinational charity raising awareness of, and money for, men’s health and welfare, with a focus on cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Its titular and widely known campaign is Movember, which encourages men to grow moustaches during the month of November. The foundation partners annually with the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to also raise money for men’s health.

Founded in 2003, in Melbourne, Australia by Adam Garone, Travis Garone, Luke Slattery, and Justin Coghlan, the organisation attained registered charity status in 2006, and as of 2014, has raised over US $580m in charitable donations used to fund more than 800 programmes focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, men’s health awareness and healthy lifestyles. It is active in 21 countries and has a global workforce of 130 people. In addition, Movember coincides with International Men’s Day (November 19th), which among its aims, shares the goal of promoting the health and well-being of men and boys.

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2018 Creepy Crawl in Second Life

Tagus Enchanted Forest; Inara Pey, September 2018, on FlickrTagus Enchanted Forest – one of the destinations for the 1028 Creepy Crawl (blog post)

Following their recent call for venues, Linden Lab announced the route for this year’s Halloween Creepy Crawl on Wednesday, October 31st, via a blog post by Xiola Linden.

The Creepy Crawl is a growing tradition whereby Lindens and Residents get dressed up in their best Halloween costumes and roam from spooky spot to spooky spot for music, dancing, and celebrating.

As Xiola has blogged, the event will take place between 10:00 and 14:00 SLT on Tuesday, October 31st, and will be moving through a number of selected venues:

So, if you fancy meeting some of those responsible for bringing us Second Life and having a little fun, conversation and maybe dancing along the way, keep this list of destinations handy on the 31st October, and drop in to any of the venues along the route!

Supporting World Animal Protection in Second Life

Mysterious Paradise event: merchant stands

I received noticed of the second Mysterious Paradise Event in support of World Animal Protection (WAP) that is taking place in Second Life.

Running through until Sunday, November 4th, 2018, the event features shopping opportunities and an entire region to explore, with a day devoted entirely to entertainment to support the fund-raising, on Friday, 26th October, 2018, to raise funds for WAP, although visitors can donate to the cause throughout  the duration of the event, via the landing point kiosk.

This is something of a short-notice event, the organisers explaining:

As it’s Glen’s [g12n, the director of the event] real life 30th birthday, instead of having a general party, he wanted to do something meaningful by actually making a difference and helping real-life animals affected by recent earthquakes, major storms, etc.

The first event held be the organisers on behalf of WAP in March 2018 raised L$60,000, and they are hoping to exceed that total this time around.

The event region is richly decorated in a tropical theme, with both above ground and undersea areas to explore, opportunities for photography or to simply chill out and appreciate the tropical theme of the setting – and of course shop and raise money for WAP.

The merchants participating in the event and / or sponsoring it are: Anarchy, Blueberry, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Evhah, Figure 8, Havana, Grandeur Décor, Love Lace Designs, Love Nature (landscaping by Felix VonKotwitz), Mysterious Designs, Patron (Eliza Weirwright), PopSugar, Sources, Surfer’s Bay, The Boardwalk, T | L | C,  and 3D Trees.

Each is offering selected items for sale with 100% of proceeds going directly to the fund-raising total, or have donated gift cards that will be handed to those making significant donations through the main event day. In addition, some creators have also items that are included in the random gift giver to be found within the Mysterious Paradise region.

Event Schedule

At the time of going to press, the schedule for the core event day on Friday, October 26th, 2018, was as follows – but please refer to the event board in-world for updates / changes. All times SLT:

  • 12:00 noon: DJ Brave – Trance
  • 13:00: DJ Balla – Jackin House and Funky Tunes
  • 14:00: DJ Bray – Latin
  • 15:00: DJ Brit – Electro Swing
  • 16:00: DJ Omen – DJ Choice
  • 17:00: DJ Mike – Reggae
  • 18:00: Live Singer – Dude
  • 19:00: DJ Cypher – Break Beats Trap & Dub Step
  • 20:00: DJ David Steele – Soft Pop
  • 21:00: Dj Love – Pop Rock Mix
  • 22:00: Dj JaaJaa- DJ Mix
  • 23:00: Surprise!
Mysterious Paradise event: underwater location

Madpea Halloween Hunt

Mysterious Paradise is participating in the MadPea Halloween Hunt, so if you’re taking part in that event, please consider showing your support for WAP while visiting the region.

About WAP

World Animal Protection seeks to improve the welfare of animals around the globe – wild or domesticated – through public awareness, education, animal protection, animal rescue, animal welfare, and more. Based in Australia as a registered charity, WAP operates a number of region hubs across the world, in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America. From these they are able to mount a range of campaigns to support and protect animals, which include better education in matters of animal welfare and husbandry, vaccination programmes, support for government programmes for more humane means of animal care and the treatment of disease (such encouraging the management of dog populations through anti-rabies vaccination and through neutering programmes, rather than annual dog cullings), and ensuring animals are provided and cared for as a result of, or the event of, a natural or other disaster.

Note: the organisers of Mysterious Paradise are not directly involved with WAP or represent it directly in-world. However, the event is entirely non-profit, with 100% of all funds raised to go to WAP, and proof of payment to the charity, etc., will be provided after the event, via the Mysterious Paradise web page.

Mysterious Paradise event: a region to explore while helping raise money for World Animal Protection

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Second Life Hair Fair 2018

The 2018 Second Life Hair Fair is currently open, and runs through until Sunday, October 7th, 2018. The event features around 70 hair designers, and as with previous years, is being run to raise money for Wigs for Kids.

Spread across six regions, four of which – Brunette, Noirette, Redhead and Blonde – contain the stores of participating vendors, while the remaining two, Foils and Streaks, are designed for those who prefer to shop by camming rather than walking (and are thus referred to as the Cam Sims).

The four shopping regions are wisely lightly decorated in order to minimise viewer-side lag that might otherwise be created by having a significant amount of extra object and texture rendering.  Stores are easily identified by the large signs located on the brick paths leading around the regions. These are laid out in such as way that wherever you teleport into a Hair Fair region, by following the red brick path in one direction and keeping to that direction, you’ll eventually visit  every store before returning to the point at which you arrived.

The full list of participating merchants can be found on the Hair Fair website together with SLurls. However, do note that direct teleporting is limited to the landing points in each region; to use the store SLurls, copy them into local chat once at the event, then right-click on the display link to display an in-world beacon and arrow you can use to navigate to your desired store.

Hair Fair 2018 Map, on FlickrHair Fair Map, via Sasy Scarborough

All items purchased at this event will have a minimum of 15% of their price donated to Wigs for Kids, and for the men, stores selling male / unisex hair are denoted by a large symbol floating over their roofs. When purchasing, always check to ensure items are received; should you encounter problems, left-click the vendor / pack from which you made a purchase, this will trigger an automatic redelivery. However, do note that the list of purchasers held by each vendor / pack is only so long, so it is essential you check as soon as possible after purchase in order to avoid the vendor / pack dropping your name.

Those wishing to avoid spending too much time in the event regions can join the Hair Fair Demo group (no charge for joining). Notices with demos posted by participating merchants within the group allow styles to be tried prior to visiting, so that desired hair can be identified and the SLurls used to make visits to the required stores. Note that this is the only in-world group associated with the Hair Fair.

If by chance you don’t find hair to suit your needs, there are numerous donation kiosks located along the paths of the regions, so you can always make a L$ donation directly.  There are also Bandana Booths to be found, which also give 100% of donations to the cause, and from which you can obtain Hair Fair Hares.

The Hair Fair shopping regions offer open spaces with minimal additional objects / textures to help reduce viewer-side loads and lag.

About Wigs for Kids

For more than thirty years Wigs for Kids has been providing hair replacement systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues at no cost to children or their families. The effects of hair loss go deeper than just a change in a child’s outward appearance. Hair loss can erode a child’s self-confidence and limit them from experiencing life the way children should. With an injured self-image, a child’s attitude toward treatment and their physical response to it can be negatively affected also.

Wigs for Kids helps children suffering with hair loss look themselves and live their lives. Families are never charged for the hair replacements provided for their children; Wigs for Kids rely completely on both the donation of hair and / or money to help meet their goals.

Read more about Wigs for Kids mission, and discover how hair can be donated.

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Lab calls for 2018 Creepy Crawl venues in Second Life

Arranmore; Inara Pey, August 2016, on Flickr What spooky places will the Creepy Crawl visit in 2018? Pictured: Arranmore, 2016 (blog post)

Halloween is approaching once again, and so too is the annual Second Life Creepy Craw, a time when those from the Lab, together with residents, go hopping around the grid in an avatar answer to trick-or-treating.

Now in its third year, the event will take place on Wednesday, October 31st, starting at 10:00 SLT. As with previous years, it will feature locations suitably Halloweeny in décor suggested by Second Life users, as the community blog post on the event explains:

Are you ready to have a screaming good time with fellow Residents – all in the name of the spirit of Halloween? While this holiday may not be shared the world over, it is a tradition in Second Life to dress up in your Halloween best and come out haunting for the annual Second Life Creepy Crawl and Costume Contest!

It’s going to be a monster mash-up at our Creepy Crawl – where we hop from venue to venue and enjoy some thrilling conversation and fun – with a de-frightfully fun Costume Contest twist!

If you’d like to host a stop along the Creepy Crawl, own a spot that will be decked out for the holiday, and don’t mind if a parade of Residents and Lindens come through, then you might be just what the witch doctor ordered. We’re looking for spots that have entertainment (we like to dance around in our costumes!), are appropriate for general and moderate audiences, and can handle a crowd.

If the event is run along the same lines at 2016 and 2017, selected venues will likely be visited for around 30 minutes at a time (although this is subject to confirmation), and people will be welcome to join the entire Creepy Crawl, or drop in and out of it as they wish.

Here’s how to submit your venue for consideration: