My Second Life Videos: 2014



Frisland – Winter 2014

Let it Snow!

Calas Galadhon Noel


The Sanctuary – Brysk


Little Town

Black Kite

The Colder Water


Il Foote Volo, at La Città Perduta


One Billion Rising 2014


The Fractal Art of Gem Preiz

7 thoughts on “My Second Life Videos: 2014

  1. I like the vids as you show a lot of talent re: the composition etc. How did you record the stills? I think you can get much higher quality by using a different technique and aspect ratio when you record them? Unless you are losing quality when you render for you-tube? I find the viewer takes worse stills than if I use prnt screen on the keyboard and then photoshop and using FRAPS might be the best option?


  2. A friend recently gave me a tip re: still photos. Using the viewer options for screenshots you can increase the resolution up to 6000 pixels or so despite the resolution settings of the viewer window. Increases size and detail.


    1. There is a problem within the viewer code at the moment wherein images taken above your screen resolution can cause “tiling” in captured images. There is a fix on the way, but it has yet to reach an LL development viewer (unless of missed it in recent dev releases). As such, I tend to limit image resolution to that of my screen, at least until the issue is fixed.


        1. There’s an image on the linked blog post in my last comment – click to enlarge. The issue has been around since 2010, and seems to vary in impact.


        2. I don’t seem to have that issue with a 6000×3053 image in Firestorm with Shadows, DOF and Ambient Occlusion enabled with a GTX 670. I am using the Nvidia Control Panel for a game profile. My friend did mention that issue with her PC. I have no fix I’m aware of unless it’s in the Firestorm already.


          1. As noted, the impact does vary. I’m not aware of MAINT-628 making it into mainstream code – although it’s been a while since it was passed to LL’s QA. TBH, I’ve not experimented recently.


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