Luane’s Magical World in Second Life

Luane’s Magical World, May 2023 – click ay image for full size

I had not intended to write about two fantasy / magical places in Second Life one after the other, however, after visiting Xanadu Forest (see: The mystical magic of Xanadu Forest in Second Life), I found that a trip to LauneMeo’s wonderful environments, this time to visit Luane’s Magical World, her most recent creation on her Homestead region, Le Monde Magique.

Luane’s Magical World, May 2023

Luane has a well-deserved reputation for producing engaging, romantic and photogenic environments – and that is the case with Magical Worlds, a place where dragons and alicorns and albino elephants wander the shallow waters under the watchful eyes of giant translucent tubers and silvan trees and fae folk flits and sit upon plants and under the shade of trees in green and pink blossoms rising from a lush carpet of grass.

Luane’s Magical World, May 2023

This is a place of serene beauty, a garden of many faces and many spaces, the first all awaiting discovery, the second all offering places in which to retreat and spend time. The primary landmass forms a circular island sitting in the south-east quarter of of the region. Home to the landing point as it sits overlooking crystal waters bounded on their far side by the silvered wetlands.

Luane’s Magical World, May 2023

While the waters are protected by transparent surfaces making them walkable, to maintain the illusion of the setting, easiest way across the water is to take the ice0like stones as they form a path around the water’s edge and along the wetlands – although beware the odd alicorn also wandering the path.

To describe this setting is really an exercise in futility; it more than speaks for itself. Just be sure to take the time to seek out everything awaiting to be found here – there is likely to be more than a casual wander and camming around might reveal. As such, I don’t plan to say more here; instead I’ll simply leave some further images to offer a shallow reflection of Luane’s creativity in the hope they will encourage you to go and see for yourself. You are unlikely to be disappointed.

Luane’s Magical World, May 2023


Luane’s Magical World, May 2023


Luane’s Magical World, May 2023

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