Fantasy Faire 2023: previewing the LitFest and FilmFest

The Stump Theatre , Fungalmire – home of the Fantasy Faire 2023 LitFest and FilmFest

Fantasy Faire 2023 is now open, and with it comes the Fantasy Faire Literary Festival (LitFest), now in its ninth year, and the Fantasy Faire Film Festival (FilmFest), returning for its third year at the Faire.

The LitFest

Centred on the Stump Theatre in Fungalmire the LitFest is a special place where the magic of the spoken word will weave tales of wonder, relate stories of great adventure and daring; where talks by authors, discussions, creative writing sessions and performances will all take place. In addition, literary hawks and writers will be encouraged to join daily LitFest tours of the Fairelands and afterwards compose pieces related to their travels.

This year, our theme is anthropomorphic fiction – that is, fiction in which animals displaying decidedly human traits form an important part of the narrative. Think of the likes of Aesop’s Fables or legends out of Africa and the orient, or the retelling of Hamlet through the likes of The Lion King, to evergreen favourites like The Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh and Charlotte’s Web.

Guest Of Honour

Anne Louise Avery

The LitFest 2023 Guest of Honour is Anne Louise Avery, author of Reynard the Fox, the beautiful novel that draws upon medieval sources. Anne also creates Twitter vignettes that tell stories of a world where animal and humans live together.

Born in London to bohemian parents – her mother was a novelist and her father a journalist who worked with Ian Fleming and Graham Greene in Naval intelligence during the War – Avery received a First Class degree in art history at the School of African Studies (SOAS), University of London, one of the world’s leading institutions for the study of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. She then held a fellowship at Brown, and studied Japanese at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, before becoming an art historian and writer.

In 2020, she published Reynaud the Fox, which takes William Caxton’s bestselling 1481 English translation of the Middle Dutch tale of a subversive, dashing, anarchic, aristocratic, witty fox from medieval East Flanders and weaves a new interpretation of the story, complete with innovative language and characterisation and themes of protest, resistance and duplicity fronted by a personable, anti-heroic fox making his way in a dangerous and cruel world.

Sunday, April 23rd
11:00 – An interview with Anne Louise Avery

LitFest Fairelands  Tours

The popular Fantasy Faire LitFest Tours will once again be taking place, leaving daily from the LitFest home base in the Drifts of Anamnesis to explore the Fairelands and seeking the stories they have to tell as well as their special secret places and details. Stories can also be submitted for publication on the Fantasy Faire website, provided they are submitted within two days of each tour.

The Tours depart daily from Fungalmire, and at the time of writing, the tour schedule is as follows (all times SLT):

Fri. April 21
17:00 – Safe Haven Sat. April 22 13:00- Spirits Crossing
17:00 – Fairelands Junction
Sun. April 23 13:00 – Sialdor
17:00 – Frostweald
Mon. April 24 17:00 – Dingir
Tue. April 25 13:00 –Giraphoria and Sambeaubee
17:00 –
Wed. April 26 13:00 – Nysaris
Thur. April 27 13:00 – Giggenwhirl
17:00 – 
Fri. April 28 13:00 – Khumbala
Sat. April 29 17:00 – Winding Valley Sun. April 30 17:00 – Isles of Aquarius
Mon. May 1st 17:00 – Flambois Tue. May 2 13:00 – Syzstrum Synod
17:00 – Glimmering Meadows
Wed. May 3 17:00 – WooHoo! Bay Thur. May 4 13:00 – Nova Nadiya
17:00 –
The Shimmering Fen
Fri. May 5 17:00 – Opera

The FilmFest

The Film Festival is returning for its third year at Fantasy Faire. Events will include: talks, discussions and retrospectives of the works of different machinimatographers, three film premieres, including the premiere of the third episode of the ongoing series, Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex. And don’t worry if you missed Episodes 1 or 2 – these will also be shown.

The Film Competition

2023 will see the second edition of the Fantasy Faire Film Festival Competition, complete with awarding of the Wafflies!

Open to all, the competition is based in the Fairelands, and comprises three categories, with the winner in each will receive a golden Wafflie statue.

Category 1 – 5-minute  fiction   Tell a narrative story, set in the Fairelands
Category 2 – 5-minutes factual This could be a documentary, a tour of a region, a special Faireland event and – if the creator is willing – perhaps a short interview.
Category 3 – 10-minute Livestream
Either edit a ten minute sequence from the livestream, or give a timeframe of 10 minutes from the longer livestream.

The LitFest and FilmFest Calendar

The calendar blow lists all of the LitFest and FilmFest events – click on any link for more details.

LitFest and Film Festival Highlights

All times below SLT.

Weekdays April 21-May 5
06:30 LitFest The Milkwood Dash – a chance for you to spend 15 minutes writing your own prose or poetry based on a writer’s prompt, and then share what you have created with your fellow authors.
Friday April 21 11:00 FilmFest Chantal Harvey and Saffia Widdershins explain what will be happening at the FilmFest
Sunday, April 23
11:00 LitFest An interview with Anne Louise Avery at the Stump Theatre, Fungalmire.
Tuesday, April 25 11:00 FilmFest An interview with Pryda: discussing her machinima work, some of which – the Future Shock series – has been featured in this blog.
Wednesday, April 26 11:00 FilmFest An interview with machinima maker Teal.
Friday, April 28 10:00 FilmFest An interview with Macguyver Mode, followed by the premiere of his new film.
Saturday, April 29 11:00 FilmFest An interview with machinima maker Chantal Harvey.
Saturday, May 6 14:00 FilmFest The Wafflies Awards
Saturday, May 6 17:00 LitFest The Mythos of the Fairelands- Zander Greene and Aoife Lorefield are in conversation about the Mythos the underlies the Fairelands.

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