SL20B: Volunteer, exhibitor applications open

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June 2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of Second Life opening to public access – and as we’ve all come to expect, a portion of the month will be given over to celebrations at the Second Life Birthday (SLB). On Monday, April 3rd, the Lab opened applications for exhibitors and volunteers, and both will remain open through until Sunday, May 14th, 2023, alongside of the currently open applications for the SL20B Music Fest and Performer applications.

The theme for the event is Our Fantastic Future, which the Lab describes thus:

The cornerstone of this idea is what we would define as eco-futurism including sustainability, a focus on our environment, and the next generation of our world. Some might call this science fiction, but what is science fiction except a dream for a possible future? In Second Life we build worlds. Our worlds, our way. For SL20B, we invite you to show us your worlds of the future! 

SL20B Exhibitors – Notes and Changes

In terms of Exhibitor applications, and as with recent SLB events, the Lab notes:

Your exhibit does not need to stay in theme. Share your Second Life passions with us. Your interests. Your communities. Your world! Every year we celebrate because of you, the amazing and creative Residents who have chosen to call Second Life home. What has drawn you into this world, and what keeps you here? These annual festivities are an opportunity to show us what fuels your Second Life. Let’s celebrate that together! 

This year will see a number of changes to the Birthday for exhibitors, including:

  • There will be both General and Adult rated regions available to exhibitors.
  • Exhibitor parcels will be 4096 sq m in size, with a Land Capacity of 1872 LI.
  • Exhibitors can use there parcels for more than one exhibit, with the Lab suggesting those who wish to can re-display exhibits they have created for past Birthday events if they have them available, and there will be a Birthday Reboots category at SL20B in support of this.
  • There will also be a Second Life History category for those exhibits specifically celebrating SL’s past 20 years.

There are also the usual Exhibitor rules for applicants, and these can be found on the SL20B Exhibitor Application form.


Volunteers for SL20B are also being sought to help with the event and festivities. In particular LL are looking for: Stage Crew to help with the performances and entertainment; Stage Hosts to help manage and maintain the flow of performances; Stage Crew Technicians to be available on an on-call basis to help with stream management / issues; and Greeters working to help welcome those visiting the Birthday and answer any questions they might have, etc.

All volunteers will be expected to attend training sessions and to commit to completing at least two hour shifts at a time, and be available for more than just one or two days during the week of festivities.

Full guidelines and requirements can be found in the SL20B Volunteer Application form.

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