A walk through Ely’s Grand Garden in Second Life

Grand Garden, February 2023 – click any image for full size

Elyjia Baxton has a long association with regions designs in Second Life, be it those of her own, or created in collaboration with others or on behalf of others, many of which I’ve covered in these pages. So when she invited me to hop along and visit her latest work, it quickly went up towards the top of my list of places to visit.

Grand Garden, February 2023

Ely’s Grand Garden is a public space Elyjia has designed on behalf of R&G Estates. Located within Nautilus, it presents an opportunity to wander along gravel paths, view the houses offered for rent on either side and make your way through parts of the broader R&G Estate within the region – and even find your way to Ely’s own studio.

At the Grand Garden in Salerio you will find twelve intimate waterfront locations surrounded by gardens, three grand gardens to admire and walk in peaceful nature alone or with friends, one playground, and a rezzer station for boats. It is an enchanting place near the Blake Sea. Take a walk in the gardens, relax, and have fun.

– Grand Garden Destination Guide entry

Grand Garden, February 2023

The landing point sits towards the middle of the region in which the park sits, alongside one of the public pavilions within the gardens. From here the paths run in several directions, with the main one running north to hop back and forth over the stream to reach a broader waterway cutting into the region, crossed by a broad wooden bridge.

North of this, the path continues between a further stream on one side and a large natural pool on the other, fed by falls dropping from the curtain walls of rock which border the gardens here on two sides. A second path switchbacks away from the pavilion sitting alongside the pool and the channel bridge, paralleling the channel as it cuts deeper into the region.

Grand Garden, February 2023

To avoid trespass, the rental houses are set back from the public footpaths, their parcels generally marked by fences if they connect directly to the gardens, with a gate to provide renters with access to the gardens if they want.

With places to sit: benches, chairs and tables, a rowing boat rocking on the pond – while waterfowl fly overhead and rest on rocks, foxes wander the paths whilst a gentle soundscape of flow water from the streams and bird song filling the air. All of which makes for an engaging and relaxing visit.

Grand Garden, February 2023

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