Tayren Theas at Elven Falls in Second Life

Elven Falls: Tayren Theas

My attention was drawn back to Elven Falls, the art collective operated by Ant (AntoineMambazo) and Ares Hax, with the announcement of an exhibition by Tayren Theas within one of the the collective’s main galleries (Gallery 3). The visit to the exhibition also gave me the opportunity to drop into her boutique gallery, also found within the collective (just on the right as you walk down the main thoroughfare from the landing point towards the three main galleries at the far end).

Tayren has been a Second Life resident for over 15 years, and is both an artist and business owner. As a life-long fan of the fantasy genre, Tayren’s early years in Second Life were marked by establishing her business with designing fantasy clothing. Doing so introduced her to photography in Second Life through the act of modelling her designs, and this allowed her to gradually fold her love of art and drawing held since childhood.

Elven Falls: Tayren Theas
Through her photography – which comprises images captured in Second Life and then post-processed via photoshop and other tools – often presents fantasy women of all types: mermaids, fairies, witches, queens, gypsies and more besides. She also offers landscape images, abstract art pieces, wildlife images and more.

The exhibition within the collective’s Gallery 3 has something of a Valentine’s feel to it, celebrating love and expressions of loving feelings, while presenting a range of images which are engaging in both their richness and in their reflections of the work of classical artists such as Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimit and Czech painter Alphonse Mucha, among others.

Elven Falls: Tayren Theas

Stating with a glorious series of portraits in the foyer of the gallery, the exhibition proceeds to either side (I would recommend turning to the left first), the collection takes you through a journey encompasses the magic of matrimony, the mischief of naughty undies and the marvel of a kiss in its ability to communicate so much between two people.

Within Tayren’s boutique gallery are samples of her broader art, in which can be found the aforementioned landscape, abstract and wildlife art  – and more.

Elven Falls: Tayren Theas

This is the first time I’ve witnessed the broadness of Tayren’s work, and believe she offer a unique and rich well of art that is well worth taking the time to visit.

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