Banagher’s Whispering Sky in Second Life

Starborn Gallery, January 2023: Banagher Crisp – Whispering Sky

Whispering Sky is the title Banagher Crisp has selected for an exhibition of his Second Life photography, currently being hosted by Lizbeth Morningstar in the guest artist of her Starborn Gallery.

This is a selection of predominantly greyscale images with a focus on avatar studies, although they are interspersed with colour images and landscapes spread across the two levels of the hall. They are both evocative and personal pieces, each one focused to evoke a specific instant in time, intended to project an emotion and / or idea, as Banagher explains within his introduction to the exhibition:

We all remember certain moments in our lives where they makes us feel happy, sad, angry, grateful, or loved. My work focuses on “moments” a paused second in a certain place that reflects many different feelings. Each person sees that moment differently and that is what I find fascinating.

– Banagher Crisp

Starborn Gallery, January 2023: Banagher Crisp – Whispering Sky

Given this, these are all pieces that contain a richness of narrative that is quite extraordinary – made more so by the fact that Banagher has left each one untitled so as not to impose his thoughts or ideas onto our encounter with each image. Given this, I’m loathe to offer my own thoughts on individual pieces in this selection for the same reason; these are works that deserve to be seen fresh and unburdened by the interpretations of an intermediary.

What I will say is that the way they individually convey their emotional content: passion, regret, love, loneliness, joy, solitude, contemplation, honour, and more; is captivating, making each piece an image the eyes are drawn back to again and again. Even those without an avatar within them richly evocative in focus, colour (or tone) and content they naturally draw out an emotional response in which feelings and thought bubble.

This is, I believe, my first encounter with Banagher’s work; I’m not sure how long he has been producing pieces in-world, although I note his Flickr stream is no more than two years old – which might indicate the obsession which started as a hobby (to reverse Banagher’s own words) is recent. Be that as it may, both Whispering Sky and his Flickr speak to a depth of artistry I very much hope I will be expressed at more exhibitions in the future.

Starborn Gallery, January 2023: Banagher Crisp – Whispering Sky

Also, when visiting Whispering Sky, do be sure to step into the second hall within the gallery, where the latest exhibition of Lisbeth’s own work, How Many Faces Do We Have? can be appreciated.

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  1. Thank you very much for writing another amazing blogpost about my gallery Starborn’s exhibition!! I’m grateful and very happy for your blogpost to let more people notice Banagher Crisp’s unique and fascinating photos! He is one of my favorite SL photographer and in my point of view, a master of light and shadow in photography. 😊😊


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