Second Life University: Land & Group Basics Class – Notice

via Linden Lab

As has been recently announced, Linden Lab has formulated the Second Life University, a programme to assist those who may be new to Second Life, and / or are finding it hard to get to grips with a range of aspects of using the viewer and Second Life as a whole.

The idea is to bring together information, tutorials and videos that are of benefit to both new and existing users together, making sure it is both up-to-date and gathered within one place for ease of reference.

This is clearly a major piece of work – particularly making sure all the information can be referenced from a single place (which we have yet to be notified about), which is an important aspect of the work given the range of resources it is designed to bring together. However, in the interim the Lab is pushing ahead with a new series of video livestreams of their own.

The first of these was streamed on Thursday, April 7th, and covered Viewer Basics.

Izzy Linden with be presenting the second in the Lab’s Second Life University video series

The next in the series will be streamed at 12:00 noon SLT on Thursday, April 28th, and will feature Land Product Specialist Izzy Linden, who will be talking Land and Group basics.

The aim is to walk people through a “best practices” approach to the basics of basics of land and group related activities / options in the viewer, offering a mix of tutorial and Q&A session. As such, it is something that may well prove to be a hand resource for rental estate owners to have as something they have point to help their renters (particularly those new to the whole idea of land rental in SL) in addition to the information they might supply to renters.

The livestream can be watched directly on You Tube, or below, depending on your preference.