Blip’s Exaggerations in Second Life

Andante Gallery: Blip Mumfuzz – Exaggerations

I received an invitation from Blip Mumfuzz to visit her latest exhibition, Exaggerations which opened on April 8th at Andante Gallery, operated by Jules Catlyn and Iris Okiddo (IrisSweet), and which will remain available through until May 8th.

Blip is an artist whose work I’ve come to admire for its richness of colour and depth, and this is very much celebrated within Exaggerations, a series of images taken around Second Life in which one or more colours have been exaggerated and / or a colour filter has been overlaid.


The result is a series of images that are both stunning and subtle. In some, landscapes have become alien worlds and plants turned into strange new life forms. Others she shrubs turned into pieces of modern abstract art and / or play with abstract expressionism; still others are more subtle in touch: gentle highlight that allow a scene to remain “natural” whilst drawing the eye to certain features: the blush of lipstick or the topping of a pizza or the heat of a barbecue, and so on.    

Andante Gallery: Blip Mumfuzz – Exaggerations

Nor are the images confined to the gallery building and its little courtyard. Blip has placed a quartet of large format pieces outside of the gallery, within its grounds so that they might be viewed through the gallery’s windows. These give the exhibition a unique additional perspective, making it appear as if we’re are viewing the exhibition from within itself.

Expressive and full of colour and life, Exaggerations is another eye-catching and engaging exhibition from Blip.

Andante Gallery: Blip Mumfuzz – Exaggerations

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