Make a Wish with Cica in Second Life

Cica Ghost: Make a Wish, April 2022
Make a wish Upon a Blobfish 🙂 

That’s the invitation Cica Ghost presents to visitors to her April 2022 installation, Make a Wish, which she opened to the public on Sunday, April 3rd.

It’s a setting  – for me at least – conjured up thoughts on nonsense rhymes and children’s tales. I’m not entirely sure why, but it did; I think it might because the installation is rich in a sense of fun and silliness, together with some fantastical amphibious fish that deserve their place in children’s rhymes.

Cica Ghost: Make a Wish, April 2022

The fish bask on the stony land or upon smooth, holding themselves up on fore flippers and fat tails, dorsal fins raised like sails, eyes roving around as they observe everything on this island of humpy hills and rather amusing stick-like houses that vie with the trees to lay claim to being the tallest objects within the setting.

Ladders climb the sides of some of the houses to allow visitors to work their way up onto their roofs, where poses might be played with. Elsewhere sturdy ropes slung between tall poles may offer tightrope walkers a chance to exercise their skills or, for the more sedate, benches present places to sit, either alongside houses or under the gaze of either the local storks or the giant pink blobfish sitting at the edge of one of the setting’s pools.

Cica Ghost: Make a Wish, April 2022

Caught under s grey sky and softly lit, Make A Wish is a simple, enjoyable installation, where even the ladybirds can take a break from their busy lives and give one another a flower over which to make a wish!

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