Blake Sea in the cloud on ADITI

Blake Sea is now on Aditi and running in the cloud for those wishing to test vehicle region crossings

Following from the announcement concerning Ahern and Morris on Aditi (the beta grid), being in the cloud – see my Simulator User Group update of July 14th, 2020 – it has been announced that most / all of Blake Sea has also now been cloned to Aditi, and is also running on AWS cloud servers.

The came via a forum post by Mazidox Linden on Monday, July 21st, and the move has been made so that those who use boats and aircraft can carry out region crossing tests.

We’ve now expanded the number of regions we’re running in the cloud on Aditi to include the entirety of the Blake Sea mainland regions. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blake Sea, you can use the following entry points to log in on Aditi and rez a vehicle to start exploring:
Blake Sea – Japan (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Blake%20Sea%20-%20Japan/207/248/22)
Blake Sea – Beagle (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Blake%20Sea%20-%20Beagle/207/208/13)
Blake Sea – Mainbrace (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Blake%20Sea%20-%20Mainbrace/211/241/16)
Blake Sea – Atlantic (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Blake%20Sea%20-%20Atlantic/245/219/16)
Test region crossing code (particularly using vehicles) between cloud simulators on the same host, and cloud simulators on different hosts.

– Mazidox Linden, July 21st

Again, just to emphasise, this is Aditi, the beta grid, only (at least one person has responded to the thread referencing Blake Sea region crossings on Agni, the main grid).

Those wishing to try boat / aircraft region crossings can do so by logging-in to Aditi and teleporting to the locations given above. you can also use Blake Sea – Half Hitch on Aditi for rezzing boats and seaplanes can be rezzed.

When testing, be aware that crossings between these regions can be unpredictable – so please do report your experiences via the forum thread, and with the following points in mind, as also indicated by Mazidox:

  • Some regions can cause you to “bounce off an invisible wall” at the region border, even though you are able to see into them.
    • Please report instances of this occurring in the forum thread, including the name of the region you were in, the region you were trying to enter, the date, and the time.
  • Some regions will not show up at the edge of your current region, even though they are adjacent.
    • Again, please report instances of this occurring in the forum thread, including the name of the region you were in, the region that failed to appear, the date, and the time.
  • HTTP-out for LSL scripts is disabled on cloud-based regions, as is sending e-mails via LSL scripts. Please do not report either, as both are currently working as intended.

to Access Aditi

If you have not logged-into Aditi before, you should file a support ticket requesting access.

Once your ticket has been responded to, you can log-in to Aditi via any Second Life viewer using to SL account name and password:

  • Launch the viewer.
  • If the grid selection option is not displayed, press CTRL-SHIFT-G.
  • Select Beta Test Grid (Aditi) from the drop-down (see below).
  • Enter you log-in credentials.
Use the Grid selection option in any viewer to access the beta grid
  • To return to the Main Grid select Second Life Main Grid (Agni) at your next login

Note: when you log-in, your inventory may not reflect your inventory on the main grid (so you may not have your desired vehicle available, for example), and you’re need to wait for your inventory to be duplicated from Agni (the main grid).

The inventory copying process is automatic, and occurs at approximately 06:00 SLT daily. Simply by logging-in to Aditi you will have flagged your inventory to be updated the next time the copy process is run, so you should not need to wait more than 24-hours for your Aditi inventory to properly reflect your Agni inventory.

Further information on Aditi can be found on the Preview Grid page of the SL wiki.

4 thoughts on “Blake Sea in the cloud on ADITI

    1. Yeah, it’s been really mixed with the Blake Sea regions. I was out and about on Aditi on Tuesday 21st, but was forced to give up as I couldn’t get out of Blake Sea Half-Hitch in any boat I used. Others have reported issues as well, whilst others have been able to get several crossings without may problems. Conversely, running around Ahern, Morris, Dore and Bonifacio on Aditi (at least 2 of which are on AWS services) last week and again yesterday didn’t generate any problems at all for me.

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  1. May I know what will really change moving Blake Sea on clouds? I apologize for my bad and poor English. I own an airport (RomMil – SLRM) just in the upper right corner of Satori continent and close to the Blake Sea. How flight experience will change running on cloud servers? Will we suffer less lag and really improve performances and risks of crashes. When SL will be expected to be completely moved on cloud? Thanks!

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    1. If all goes according to plan, moving regions to the cloud – Blake Sea or anywhere else, should leave your experience at least as good as it is with regions running in the Lab’s own facilities and on their own infrastructure.

      However, the hope is the as the cloud servers and infrastructure is a lot more up-to-date than the hardware operated by the the Lab, the hope is that simulator performance will be improved in various way, which collectively could help improve the user experience.

      For region crossings, copying Blake Sea to servers running in the cloud on the beta grid (Aditi) allowed the Lab to make changes to the region cross code that actually improved things (as reported by users testing the code on the beta grid). These updates have actually been deployed on the main grid, entirely independently of any move to the cloud, and as a result, the majority of vehicle users were able to see a general improvement in their region crossing experience. This doesn’t mean that all the region crossing issues will be solved when all regions have moved to the cloud, but it does show that there is the potential for further improvements to be made, once the work moving everything to the cloud has been completed.

      At the moment, linden Lab hopes to have the main grid running in the cloud by the end of 2020. Testing is continuing on the beta grid (with users involved), and the hope is to have some public regions running in the cloud on the main grid for user testing in the near future.

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