A look at UASL in Second Life

UASL July: Skyler Morningstar Arel

In the wake of the Linden Endowment for the Arts winding down almost a year ago (see: Linden Endowment for the Arts to officially close), a number of in-world arts group were created in an attempt to fill the void left by its departure so as to offer artists a range of facilities and opportunities in lieu of those presented by the LEA.

Well none can in all honesty provide anywhere near the extensive facilities and opportunities presented by the LEA (that’s the advantage of having the Lab sitting behind you), several have gone on to offer artists rich opportunities for the exhibition of their work. One of these groups is the United Artists of Second Life (UASL), operating out of the Mainland and presented facilities on, and over a full region.

UASL is a relaxed group of artists in SL that share and communicate regarding various art events and opportunities open to the artist community. We encourage people to use their imagination and to continue to learn different methods of creating art. We fully support other artist groups. As well, we manage and host our own events.

– from the introduction to United Artists of SL

UASL July: Tempest Rosca-Huntsman and John Huntsman – Perception

As with many arts groups and galleries, UASL provides opportunities for artists to display their work. But they also offer more besides including:

  • A sandbox area.
  • A learning centre for talks, presentations and instructional sessions.
  • Ground-level display spaces available for rent by group members (art sales currently prohibited), with displays subject to group rules.
  • An events space.
  • A supporting website complete with an in-world HUD for accessing it, and the ability for group members (preferred) to write blog articles.
  • A paintball arena.
UASL July: Storie’s Helendale – Silences

The main landing point is on the ground level, which is also home a a 2D gallery space, the sandbox, the aforementioned display spaces upcoming rental areas and the learning centre. Teleports from here access exhibition spaces for artists, located in the sky overhead. These are called Performance, Prodigious and Utopian. Each comprises three units of four display areas apiece stacked one atop the previous.

At the time of my visit, Prodigious was the most active, with the following artists using it:

  • Level 1: Chris Craft (ChrisCraft Undercroft), Skyler Morningstar Arel (SkylerStormySky), Riannah & Chelo and VanessaJane66.
  • Level 2: Karma Weymann, Tempest Rosca-Huntsman and John Huntsman, Barry Richez,
  • Level 3: London Junkers, MarieMadeleine38, VarianBlake, and ZackHerrMann and Storie’s Helendale (GlitterPrincess Destiny).
UASL July: Karma Weymann

Further information on UASL can be found through their in-world group and by visiting the UASL website or region.

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3 thoughts on “A look at UASL in Second Life

  1. I agree with Glitter, thanks for bringing this unique and very supportive community to the public’s attention. It was and will continue to be a great learning and creative experience for me and other fortunate artists.


  2. Thank you so much Inara for the wonderful blog about UASL. It’s about the artists. I wish I could name each person that helped and keeps helping make all of UASL possible… but the reality is there are so many. Without Chelo and Chris… Rain… omg… they are the heart and soul. Let me just say it’s the people, ALL of them, that make UASL what it is. Together we really do move mountains.


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