Costa Blanco in Second Life

Costa Blanco, Costa Blanco; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Costa Blanco – click any image for full size

Update, December 2017: As per the comment from AJ, below, Costa Blanco appears to be under new ownership; the build has described here no longer exists.

Caitlyn and I first visited Costa Blanco in January 2017, but I didn’t get to blog about it at the time, so a re-visit seemed in order.

Designed by Gabrian Lascelles (Gothicgaylord), the region is described as “situated in the southernmost province of Sweden, and is connected by weather and theme with Bretagne in France.” It’s an interesting description, and the general environment for the region has much of a feel of being suited to either southern Sweden or Bretagne (or even here in the UK!). However, the design of the region throws in multiple elements – a Mediterranean style villa by the landing point, for example – such that Costa Blanco has an eclectic feel to it which makes exploring interesting and offers many opportunities for photography.

Costa Blanco, Costa Blanco; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Costa Blanco

The aforementioned landing point is in the north-west part of the region, directly outside of the villa. Grapes are growing on the vine here, as a cobbled drive leads down the slope of a low hill to where a scattering of farm outhouses and barns sit. Some of these have clearly seen better days, as their boarded windows and doorways can attest, while the tractors sitting in and around them also speak of age and hard-working lives. Given the way the hay is baled, it would seem this is still a working farm, but the overall impression is that the focus is now more on providing stables for horses, than working the land.

Costa Blanco, Costa Blanco; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Costa Blanco

Dirt tracks run around and through the farm, offering multiple choices for wandering. To the south, a single track runs along a finger of land pointing eastwards. At the end of this sits another old outhouse in which sits a little display of photographs captured in the physical world. This tumbledown galley shares the headland with an old barn and a cosy little cove, around which places to sit and snuggle can be found, some of many to be found throughout the region.

A sandy beach sweeps  down the eastern shoreline of the land from the north, and out onto the slender headland, giving the impression that this is a stretch of coastline facing east, looking out to where a smaller island sits. Reached via a little motor boat available from a beach-side pier, this rocky island offers a little retreat, complete with summer-house,  and a look-out point in the form of the disintegrating wreck of a boat made fast against the rocks. As the motor boat poofs when you leave it, getting back the mainland appears to be a case of flying or of teleporting back to the landing point.

Costa Blanco, Costa Blanco; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Costa Blanco

Given the number of cuddle spots here – we particularly enjoyed the secluded hot spa – Costa Blanco is ideal for romantics. Those seeking more active pursuits can ride the region’s horses while photographers can have a field day with the setting as a whole. There is something about the air of age and general shabbiness present in the buildings, coupled with the natural unkempt nature of the trees, grass and bushes which make Costa Blanco an eye-catching visit.

Costa Blanco, Costa Blanco; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Costa Blanco

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9 thoughts on “Costa Blanco in Second Life

  1. You should see it in winter! It’s just as beautiful (if not more so) with it’s barren farm rows covered in snow and ice with a new set of activities and a new soundscape to match. I think it’s the only time in life I’ve ever been sad to see winter leave. Gabrian is a landscaping genius sent to us in SL directly from the heavens. (I’ve seen some of his other projects also and they have all been works of perfection.)


  2. Je suis très heureuse pour Gabrian. Je vous remercie pour cet article. Gabrian le mérite. C’est un artiste !
    Costa est un havre de paix, un lieu qui vous réserve bien des surprises si vous vous êtes curieux. Vous y découvrirez des animations judicieusement cachées.
    Presque que chaque jour, une nouveauté à savourer.
    Je connais CB depuis sa création en septembre 2016 en traversant les différentes saisons avec les changements de paysages, d’activités. Costa est un enchantement perpétuel !
    Comme vous l’avez compris, CB est mon lieu favori, celui que j’aime avec passion.
    Venez !!! vous avez rendez-vous avec la douceur du bonheur.


    I’m very happy for Gabrian. Thank you for this article. Gabrian deserves it. It is an artist !
    Costa is a haven of peace, a place that reserves many surprises if you are curious. You will discover animations wisely concealed.
    Almost every day, a novelty to savor.
    I have known CB since its creation in September 2016 by going through different seasons with changes of landscapes, activities. Costa is a perpetual enchantment!
    As you can see, CB is my favorite place, the one I love with passion.
    Come !!! You have an appointment with the sweetness of happiness.



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