The Year 3299 in Second Life

Art on Roofs: 3299

3299 is a new exhibition by artist and creator Terrygold, which formally opens at 14:00 SLT on Monday, May 1st. However, Terry kindly invited me to have a sneak preview.

“It is my vision of the future,” Terry informed me. “A city were resources are all used up, and the water is recycled.” The result is an atmospheric sitting – windlight instructions are provided at the landing point, and if you can, you should both set them and enable Advanced Lighting Model on your viewer; shadows are also recommended.

Art on Roofs: 3299

From the landing point a fog-enshrouded landscape extends into the distance under a clouded sky. “Pollution,” Terry says of the fogging effect. The landscape comprises plain white blocks stretching over a dry grass land. Walk on the blocks – which might be perceived as city blocks – and they form paths running through the grass. Step down into the grass, and it becomes the path through a low-walled maze formed by the white blocks. Which you take is up to you.

Scattered throughout this space 3D pieces by Terry. Some have a practical application in the setting by transporting the recycled water around. Others are more obviously founded in artistic expression. Every so often tall towers rise up, crowned by fences. “A final defence to protect the last trees,” Terry told me. Alas, the attempt failed. None of the blocks contains a tree; only grass now grows within them, despite the water balloons feeding some of them.

Art on Roofs: 3299

In fact, only one tree remains. It sits guarded by a triple set of gates at the entrance to a structure at the far end of the landscape. Tall and gaunt, it stands alone, devoid of flower and seemingly fragile. Behind it, cast upon the white blocks is its shadow, which bursts with colour in the dim light, looking for all the world like it is in bloom – a poignant reminder of what once was and has forever been lost.

Within this structure, lining the walls, is Terry’s 2D art. Some of the pieces might be considered NSFW, but all feature Terry’s landmark style and each has something of a story to tell about the environment – this vision of the future – in which it has been set.

Art on Roofs: 3299

Featuring a mix of 2D and 3D art, all of which is intriguing and captivating, with a gentle commentary of ecological and environmental concerns, 3299 offers an exhibition which both catches the eye and  – albeit in a subtle manner – engages the brain.

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